COVID-19 Protocols For August 28 To September 10, 2022

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The current protocols for the management of COVID-19 have been extended until Saturday September 10, 2022.

During this short extension of the Protocols, the Cabinet of Ministers will deliberate on major changes to the management of COVID-19 in Saint Lucia, based on advice from the COVID-19 Management Centre.

It is expected that all aspects of the current management of COVID-19 will be assessed and possibly reviewed.

Fully vaccinated travelers are required to provide proof of vaccination on arrival and do not require a COVID-19 test.

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Unvaccinated travelers are required to provide a negative PCR test taken within five days prior to arrival in Saint Lucia. Quarantine requirements have been removed in relation to travelers.

For mass crowd events (two hundred and more persons), all event organizers are required to submit their plans to National Emergency Management Organization NEMO in accordance to the regular mass crowd guidelines.

Presently, home testing for COVID-19 is authorized in Saint Lucia. All restrictions on the importation of rapid antigen test kits has been removed. The rapid antigen test is to be used as a screening tool and would require confirmation with a PCR test.

Positive antigen rapid tests are required to be reported to the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health within 24 hours.

All other protocols will remain in effect for this period.

Saint Lucians are asked to continue following the protocols of wearing a face mask in public places and maintaining general sanitation measures. Let us take personal responsibility and protect ourselves, family, friends and others from the COVID-19 virus.

SOURCE: Ministry of Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs

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Editorial Staff
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  1. I agree with you, jackass ministers repeating what the jackass CMO keeps telling them, continuing a bunch of useless, unnecessary protocols. From the beginning this scam was never about health but wealth and control, and I wouldn’t be surprise if the jackass CMO and ministers are being paid to keep this scam going.

  2. ” … For mass crowd events (two hundred and more persons), all event organizers are required to submit their plans to National Emergency Management Organization NEMO in accordance to the regular mass crowd guidelines. ….”

    … and NEMO wordlessly (it appears to me) allowed Events St Lucia to carry on with carnival? Oh what a tangled web they wove! So much “mass crowd guidelines”.

  3. A bunch of hypocrite clueless backwards people that is all for now..After the carnival there was a spike never reported lawless you think st lucia will go forward especially under these leaders pjp administration

    • @Swing voter … SLU is 50 years behind on a lot of issues; regardless of the govt administration in office. They all wear the same “cloak of secrets”.

  4. Hypocracy, its all Hypocracy. This was never and will never be about your health, its all money driven, so they don’t care. Fire for all who pushing this, fire burn you’ll.

  5. Why the authorities love to know people’s business. Why was there restrictions on rapid antigen test or home test. Why the ministry must know people’s business and why can’t people do home test in peace or private. In the US people can purchase test like AIDS test, Covid19 test or any test online and test themselves but here test kits are unavailable and every test it’s like you have to go pay an arm and a leg to see a doctor to know your status. Why? Why can’t you know your result in private for once. Why? Why go through a channel to know your result. Come on now. It is 2021. Home kits should me made available to test diabetes etc. To much dictatorship in this country.

    • All good questions. Initially home tests were restricted because they were highly unreliable, much more so than other home tests like HIV tests, pregnancy, diabetes or colon cancer. People were getting false negative Covid results and failing to isolate and get treated thereby putting their families and coworkers at risk. As the reliability of these Covid home tests increased, the restrictions were relaxed. But this is not a recent decision as it was done about 4 months ago.

      • You seem sensible enough so I’ll ask you as neither the CMO nor Minister have given the an answer. Why do unvaccinated persons have to show a negative test for entry while a vaxxinated person does not considering they both spread the virus? And apparently vaxxinated person are contagious for even longer. I ask because I personally know of several vaccinated persons coming in infecting and spreading covid among their family members and wider community.

        “A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people vaccinated against COVID-19 remained contagious with the virus for a longer period of time than their unvaccinated counterparts.

        The disparity in contagiousness was particularly pronounced between the unvaccinated and individuals who did not receive a booster shot.

        The findings were published in a letter to the editor signed by dozens of doctors from a variety of hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in June 2022.”

      • I understand what you said and it’s alright their intentions. But I’m saying at times you may be sick and have the symptoms and do not want to go to the respiratory clinics which can be hours waiting, when you could do it at home and self isolate or decides to then go to the clinics and do the PCR test for business.(work, travel etc.) We all know how the authorities are inconveniencing us in all actions they undertake. $300 for a PCR test. They are looking for statistics to put on their books; records and put a name to a face.


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