Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: Saint Lucia Adjusts Protocols As Health Minister Urges More Vigilance

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Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has encouraged everyone to be even more vigilant this Christmas season due to the threat of the Omicron variant and, on behalf of the government, urged personal, family, and community responsibility to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We also recognise that during this difficult time some long-held traditions will have to be curtailed or greatly reduced. This will continue to cause dislocation of families and the community in general,” the Vieux Fort North MP stated as he announced  the following adjusted protocols:

Friday, December 24 into Saturday, December 25 Confinement begins at 1:00 am

Saturday December 25, Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

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Sunday, December 26 Confinement begins at 6:00 pm

Monday, December 27 Confinement begins at 6:00 pm

Tuesday, December 28 Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

Wednesday, December 29 Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

Thursday, December 30 Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

Friday, December 31 into Saturday January 1 Confinement begins at 1:00 am

Saturday, January 1 Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

Sunday, January 2 Confinement begins at 6:00 pm

Monday January 3 Confinement begins at 6:00 pm

Tuesday, January 4 Confinement begins at 10:00 pm

Sunday, January 9 Confinement begins at 5:00 pm

Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 14 Confinement is from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am

The Minister’s complete address appears below:


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  1. I notice SLT is deleting articles they deem offensive. Were is the article about Chastnet saying the protocols are confusing?

  2. In lieu of VAT free day and double salary as Christmas bonus, our Minister of Health has single handedly given Lucians extended holidays, albeit in confinement. It appears that we are all to stay home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…till January 10th. This is because confinements are overlapping into confinements without and end, except for Jan. 10th – 14th where an end time is clearly stated. Where is Maundy to correct this terrible piece of communication. Minister I urge you to correct these statements forthwith before no one shows up to work on Tuesday onwards. Thank you!

  3. Don’t we remember Hilaire in opposition accusing PM Chastanet of enforcing the State of Emergency just to put us in PRISON with a curfew? They walked out of parliament. Now he in government has revoked the SOE and has literally enforce confinement upon us. Don’t we usually used the word “confine” when sent to prison? There is something happening in this country no one can understand. Now we are having all this confusion by a group of guys who knew it all whiles in opposition.

  4. What a confusion. It’s Friday 24th December and it’s 10pm, am I confined or not? Since confinement starts at 1am tomorrow. Now when I am confined from 1am tomorrow, why should I be confined at 10pm again?

  5. Government of St Lucia you do realize that Covid will be around for a while right? This confinement crap is not and cannot work for the betterment of this country. We have ways of mitigating the damage this virus causes other than curfews.

    You guys are bereft of ideas. Those who wanted a vaccine got one and the rest will have to live with their decisions not too. In the mean time we are supposed to wait for????

    Garson open up the country and let’s take on this thing head on. Barjo pappyshow!

  6. Confinement starts at 1am on the 25th and starts at 10pm onvthe 25th????????????? Which one is it and why hasnt he said start and finish……i dont get it.

  7. Hahahaha. Moses who will confine for you? It is Christmas season and I must move from house to house. Moses I need to free up to enjoy myself. I am going all out this festive season.

  8. Why is on the 11th hour Moses announcing an adjustment to protocols? With all that is going on right now in terms of shopping and all, will people have time to turn to news. And why the adjustment from 5pm to 6pm? Is it to accommodate the tourists touring? Moses these adjustments fall on death ears. It is pointless because many will not adhere since there is no state of emergency. Have you not seen the large gathering and mingling in the past weeks? The damage has been done. Brace yourself for the fifth wave. No new adjustments will make a difference now –comprende!?

  9. The government of the people calling curfew confinement like people in Jail. Lucian Low Grade enjoying his confinement.

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