COVID-19: Saint Lucia Announces Adjustments To School Operations

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Press Release:- The Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training wishes to inform the general public that it has been continuously monitoring the Covid-19 situation and the impact it is having on the school system. We continue to be reflective of procedures and practices in the interest of the health and safety of all of our stakeholders of the school community.

Based on recent stakeholder engagements and consultation, the Ministry of Education has decided to suspend classes for Thursday, January 20, 2022 and Friday January 21, 2022.

During the week of Monday, January 24, 2022 to Friday, January 28, 2022 the following groupings will continue face to face instruction:

  • Early Childhood Education Centres
  • Grade 6 students
  • Form 5 students
  • Vocational and Tertiary Institutions

All other groupings will revert to the Distributed Learning Approach as per the Continuity of Learning Plan.

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The Ministry again encourages the general public to conform with the protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Health to ensure a safer environment for students, teachers and the wider school community.



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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. We need help.. seriously school closing for 2 days makes no sense to me..I don’t get it..what has changed for the 2 days? COVID is still on the rise , more people are getting sick so what is the point .

  2. This government has proven to be more adept by triggering crisis than addressing them…what a mess #my country needs help

  3. Can’t govt invest in a projector and screen for every school on this island?…or 1 in every district… and every teacher has 2-3 hours with… their students spread out,sitting outdoors on the grass, or chairs. So outdoor schooling, kids bring umbrellas and lunch lines need to be addressed or bag lunches brought, and a mat or towel and sit on the grass!? Use a canopy to cover projector and screen! It’s 2022! If this is the way Education is going to go, regardless of shots percentages, an you better not force vaccines in Lucia,! It will be very VERY bad….. Upgrade the education factors other than handing out laptops that are unaccountable and break. THE only future of this island are the children being educated, and these children can survive a flu. WASCO! Smph

  4. This reactive government just sickens me. They are showing how clueless they are minute by minute. A few blabbering mouths just have to say close schools and brap school close. This government is like the the old man and his donkey ….pleasing every UWP. Weak weak weak leadership and governance. Gosh!

  5. St .Lucians adults like to blame everybody except themselves…….We were once again given an OPPORTUNITY to be responsible but it is fete we like. Beach party, boat ride etc. Everyone has a personal responsibility. Teachers don’t have a problem teaching….maybe a few are feting but now teachers are getting sick just like the students……I guess adults will continue to say ” not my fault uh”

  6. i not sure if i would say unnecessary…wat i am thinking is that all the time school was being closed was not necessary…the students and teachers were not falling sick before….but now as teachers and students are reporting sick and teachers have to stretch themselves between classes, i find mr shawn take too long to make that decision….

    now they are sick the man saying schools need to be open?? really?? mixx opp system

  7. Based on the decision, one may concluded that Covid does not exist at tertiary institutions like SALCC. Very interesting. Therefore it would be sensible to name all schools SALCC to prevent unnecessary closure.

  8. Incompetency at its finest! Last year 2021, school opened on January 7th with great haste on the part of Gale Rigobert, Fiona Mayer CEduO and CMedO Belmar-George, only to be closed days after! In 2022, school opened on January 10th with great haste on the part of Shawn Edward, Fiona Mayer and Sharon Belmar-George! There are common factors in this equation, common misteps, common issues despite which part is in power! Incompetence and lack of ” balls” to speak up! Mweh fashay!

  9. This government is so clueless and out of touch with reality. You adjusting protocols that would affect schools and you wait after all schools have dismissed for the day to make your pronouncements. Teachers should have known by 1:00 or at least 2:00 so that infant students would have been given textbooks to go home. Common Entrance teachers would have given students work to complete over the next few days, secondary school teachers would have done likewise. Form 5’s are currently doing CSEC practicals and SBAs and are just caught off guard. My niece has a Theatre Arts practical tomorrow and I’m sure other students around the island are in similar situations.

  10. Our children are no longer the future. They are a relic of the past. You have guys like the lost president of SLTU.who is clueless at the premier institution for boys on island. The same teachers that are everywhere with no concern for COVID. However they are afraid of the children. This government will just take the cue from them. The current Minister is just there for the salary period. …. In the future his son will get scholarship because they always put THEIR people FIRST.

  11. Why every time the government decides to relax the protocols, and there’s a spike, the nation’s children get to suffer. It’s heartbreaking to see how much the children have missed out on their schoolwork. I thought by now we were suppose to co exist with Covid. Why the Ministry of Education does not have a solid plan. Our children need a proper education at this time. I hope the students receive devices from the government for online school.

  12. Lack of Leadership and planning, Omicron started spreading like wildfire in November, everyone had two months to figure things out.

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