Friday, September 30, 2022

COVID-19: Saint Lucia Announces Protocols For April 2 -29, 2022

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Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has announced COVID-19 protocols for April 2 to 29, 2022, noting that daily recorded cases are very low.

However, Jn Baptiste noted that COVID-19 continues to be a serious public health concern.

On Thursday, he outlined the following measures agreed by the Cabinet:

1. The Chief Medical Officer may not place in quarantine or require a COVID-19 test from a national, resident or non-national arriving in Saint Lucia who is fully vaccinated if the fully vaccinated person produces a valid vaccination record. An unvaccinated person shall submit a valid PCR test taken within five days prior to arrival in Saint Lucia.

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The Chief Medical Officer is not prevented from placing a person in quarantine at a quarantine facility or at his or her home in order to protect the health of the person or public health.

2. A person shall not operate, on a road, an omnibus that is loaded with more than three passengers in each row.

3. A person can host or attend a social event or recreational activity that consists of not more than two hundred persons or his or her immediate family or fully vaccinated persons.

A person with the approval of the Chief Medical Officer shall host or attend a social event or recreational activity that consists of more than two hundred but not more than three hundred fully vaccinated persons.

The Minister said all other protocols remain in place and urged citizens to work together to ensure a slowdown in the spread of COVID-19.

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