COVID-19: Saint Lucia Announces Protocols For January 7 To February 4, 2022

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Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste  says cabinet has decided on the following protocols for the period Friday January 7, 2022 to Friday February 4, 2022:

Confinement to residence during the week from Mondays to Thursdays will commence at 10 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays confinement will commence at 9 pm and on Sundays confinement will be at 6 pm.

Educational institutions will continue to operate on a face to face basis and follow the COVID19 protocols. The Ministry of Education will continue to provide more information to the public.

Additionally as of Monday January 10, 2022 public omnibuses should not be loaded with more than 10 passengers

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The public is reminded that mass crowd events, competitive or high contact sporting activity, including indoor and outdoor training and local competitions are not allowed at this time, however; a person can host or attend a social event or recreational activity that does not exceed 35 persons of his or her immediate family at his or her residence.

  1. In accordance with the Criminal Code Cap, 3.01 no loud music will be permitted at a social event or recreational activity.
  2. A faith-based organization may hold a special religious ceremony including baptisms, weddings, and funerals only if there are no more than 100 people in attendance and providing also that physical distancing guidelines are strictly observed.
  3. Beach picnics, river parties and other public celebrations will not be allowed.

Jn Baptiste, in a statement on Thursday,  said adjustments to the current protocols will be in place up to February 4, 2022.

The complete statement appears below:

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  1. Moses Jn Baptiste does not come across as an intelligent man nor as a health minister. He sounds clueless. The way he keeps reading from a prepared script prepared by someone else. As a health minister this is how you constantly addressing the people? Coming on the 11th hour when many have prepared the activities for the weekend you come out and adjusting protocols anytime without notice with a smile o your fa e as if this is a joke to you. People will not take this serious because you’re a joke or I should start calling you The Joker. The whole system is a joke.

  2. SLP, ALWAY PISSING THE PEOPLE OFF !! How you gonna pretend that these measure are to safe gaurd the public but in the same breath tell the people they can host anywhere from 1-34 of their relatives at their place of residence. Isn’t that a contradiction ? 34 people in a residence you think people going to be standing across the hall from each and social distancing. DUMB!! (more people means less social distancing)

    Same goes for this funerall BS. 99 people at funeral, people going to be weeping and crying. you think they going to be social distancing while doing that. PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE PISSED OFF !!

    You acting like you putting protocols in place but it’s just RETARDED. You all just like to follow countries with no clue of what you all doing and why.

  3. Oh please stop crying over spilt milk.Are you guys so daft that you are telling me these none intelligent men manage to fool you to vote them in.
    Don’t you people have a mind of your own.Some of you were fooled through greed.
    This is not a new SLP so we all know the lies and heatred the live by so please no regrets live with it.
    If posh come to our shove you guys will vote the same way because money talks and bull s**t walk.

  4. Musa, what do you expect to get as a result of these changes – can you tell the St. Lucian people your goal in this implementation of rules. Are you using the word “HOPE” as a strategy ?
    I have read the changes more than once and for some reason I cannot seem to see the strategy being used by You and your team.

  5. St. Lucia times, you’ll want people to read news items but you’ll not posting some comments that are posted. Grow up and let people express themselves.

  6. We all know is the uncontrolled socializing that is the problem .Are we going to address it??

    Government around the world has lost their way and think it is force vaccination that will solve the problem that China created.

    This is a distraction to the many social issues we have to deal with.

    Have we heard that kind of sustained talk on crime for more than a week until the next major crime ?¿

    Covid is just feeding our political appetite with lots of empty verbal calories that brings no true satisfaction to the citizens .I call it the ice cream effect of politics.


  8. A branch of f..king joker I never regret a vote like now now I have reason to believe you’ll come to punish us for voting you’ll in .

  9. These politicians playing with people lives as they see fit..the uncertain number of years most of you remain on this earth being manipulated and wasted by people other than ureself..stupes live ure life how u want too..God in control.protect ureself how u see fit ..f#$% these jokers..wasted my vote..(the grass is not always greener on the other side).slp never again!!!!!

  10. Moussa I do t understand you at all stop confusing St lucians but it’s good for the fools some St lucians like a nice time.just put the curfew one time so you don’t confuse people.the places with the social gathering you not telling them to limit the amount of people but you want to limit the buses choops you should go to stress free to see people no mask no social gathering so the rules are for one set of people .I think you all should be asking people to go closer to God things are not getting better and people put their lives the those fools hand poor us St lucians

  11. @Unlawful Confinement: I have no reason to believe that the majority will not. What I know is that, those who will not stay home is more than enough to bring it to the Workplace, schools, friends etc, to create a spike.

  12. Weekdays illegal (police can’t and has not arrested anyone) confinement starts at 10pm. Enough time to socialize then go to bed before 10 for work the next day. Hear the joke. On Saturday it starts at 9pm, only one hour earlier. On a Saturday, no work the next day. Start socializing after work (from 1pm or 4pm) until about 9. Enough time to get drunk and forget about the no resistant confinement. Then on a Sunday, 35 people gathering somewhere (on the beach) with no loud music, we go home before 6pm to rest for work the next day. WHAT WILL THAT PREVENT? Now stop threatening the people with that police enforcement thing.

    This is all the police can stop:

    1. In accordance with the Criminal Code Cap, 3.01 no loud music will be permitted at a social event or recreational activity.

    Just LOUD MUSIC. Not social events or recreational activities. And you realise the section of the Law was quoted? What section of the law 2 and 3 prevents?


  13. If st lucians listen to you they will be dead by the end of five years under the pjp administration a bunch of confused jokers..the devil playing well on you all mind. In opposition you your mouth was moving like a please I’m begging take care of you and your family..confused confused confused administration pjp eyes already bulging from his face be the pressure..

  14. Musa you are one confused aloof and arrogant TANBOU man. You are out of your depth. Clueless!!!! I regret with all my heart that I voted for Hillaire and the SLP.

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