COVID-19: Saint Lucia Averaging 136 Cases Daily In Fifth Wave

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Since the commencement of the fifth COVID-19 wave in Saint Lucia on December 16, the Island has diagnosed 4,092 infections with an average of 136 cases per day, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George has disclosed.

In a statement on Monday, Belmar-George said women account for 59% of the cases, and 18 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded.

In addition, she disclosed that tourists account for 2% of the cases during the last seven days.

“ The prevalence increase is noted mainly in Gros-Islet, Babonneau, Dennery and Castries. We note the highest COVID-19 mortality rate for the 5th wave in Dennery District. We continue to note increases in most of the public health indicators over the last 7 days, the transmission rate, test positivity rate, increased active cases as we manage the 5th wave in country,” the CMO noted.

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She said data from contact tracing interviews revealed the top transmission areas include:

  • Large beach parties and boat rides.
  • Public bars.
  • Private parties and events.
  • Large family gatherings.

In addition, the CMO observed that the second term has commenced for school children.

“We continue to ask all stakeholders to contribute in ensuring a safe environment for the students, principals, teachers and ancillary staff. Bus drivers are reminded to ensure that all recommended measures are implemented,” Belmar George stated.

Her complete statement appears below:

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  1. @gilly go and suck salt leave people business alone and mind yours getting vaccinated Is a choice respect people’s body and choice.

  2. What would be the reason for,out of ninety two percent of the population of France Métropol vaccinate and why is that sixty two percent rebuke the third dose ?
    While the manager of Pfizer said investment in Pfizer is three hundred thousand billions Euros has been invested and sooner life will come back to normal ?
    Is it that the riche will always be riche and the poor will always be poor ?

  3. And yes, a common cold, used to kill old and vulnerable people before this ridiculous pandemic. I’m vaccinated, boostered and proud. I’m getting on with my life. Good luck to y’all. Scared of a bloody needle, not what’s in it, in reality. Pu$$ies.

  4. Oh just get back to work. We’re a very very lazy nation. It’s over. Get on with it! It’s a common cold.

  5. No tourism no money. No money no food. Get a grip you uneducated Idiot. If you passed Gros islet clinic this AM at 7 AM, like I did, queuing in droves, piled up on each other…If you wanted to catch a common cold (Covid-19 nowadays) that’s the way to go about it. Pathetic! I’m sorry it’s time to go back to work St. Lucia! Lazy lazy lazy. It’s over. Get on with it.

  6. “she disclosed that tourists account for 2% of the cases during the last seven days.” Nice play on words lady. And the weeks prior? Now let’s talk about hospitalisation rate as this is the goal post y’all moved to. People are seeing thru the bee ess woman.

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