Wednesday, August 10, 2022

COVID-19: Saint Lucia Records 3 More Deaths, 38 New Cases

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Today Wednesday June 29, 2022 the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs confirms a total of 38 new cases of COVID-19.

These samples were processed on Tuesday June 28, 2022 from a total of 189 samples of which 181 samples were from the Ezra Long Laboratory and 8 samples from the Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited.

These samples were collected from June 25, 2022 to June 28, 2022. This number of positive cases makes up 20.1% of all the samples processed on that date. These new cases bring the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 27, 022.

Confirmation was also received of the recovery of 21 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. This brings the number of active cases in country to date to 121. Currently, there are six positive cases of COVID-19 admitted at the Respiratory Hospital.

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The Ministry of Health also reports two new COVID-19 deaths and one new COVID-19 related death. To date, the total number of COVID-19 deaths in country is 285 and the total number of COVID-19 related deaths is 98.

COVID-19 death #284 is a 49 year old male from the Castries district.

COVID-19 death #285 is an 89 year old female from the Vieux-Fort district.

COVID-19 related death #98 is a 102 year old female from the Anse La Raye district.

These deaths occurred during the period June 6, 2022 to June 21, 2022. The Ministry of Health extends condolences to the families and loved ones of these individuals.

To date, a total of 54, 309 individuals have been fully vaccinated. Another 5, 293 are partially vaccinated and 7, 602 have received their booster shot.

Vaccination will take place tomorrow Thursday June 30, 2022 at various Wellness Centres as per the published COVID-19 vaccination schedule. Vaccination will be available from 9am to 4pm.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will continue providing daily updates to the public as new information becomes available.

Source: Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairsย 

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  1. How many more years of life do we expect for a 102 year old? Or an 89 year old? People at that age are literally saying they want to do and have done their time. This is farcical now. And they wonder why people don’t trust medical institution. They can see through BS.

    • “Just saying.” That is one of the most insensitive and asinine statement ever posted. Do you know the quality of life that these people enjoyed despite they age? They may have still been experiencing quality of life despite their age, surrounded by family who they enjoyed spending time with etc. Being old does not necessarily mean you don’t want to live, especially if you still have quality of life. They are human after all. You on the other hand sound sub human with all your ageism.

      • You retard. Life expectancy is around 75. The person lived to 102. That is 36% longer than average. That is an anomaly. Very few old people want to live the life of an average 80 year old i.e. sickly and a burden to others. 3 years ago a 102 year old person dying from influenza was not news. An 89 year old drying from influenza was not news. Now it is. You brainwashed morons need to go wrap yourselves up in saran wrap from head to toe. And just stay there for a bit. Rid the world of your stupidity.

    • You are not getting the point that Marksgirl made. basically you are displaying a callous and insensitive non appreciation to life regardless of age of the person. Very ignorant statement as far as I am concerned. Life is full of irony, you never know what tomorrow can bring . You may suddenly find yourself more incapacitated and closer to death than an old person in a blink of an eye no matter how young you are. Try to be a little more compassionate and respect all life.


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