COVID-19: Saint Lucia To Intensify Efforts To Improve Vaccine Coverage

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With just 27 percent of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Saint Lucia plans to intensify efforts to improve the coverage as the country grapples with a fifth wave of the virus that started on December 16.

“The government of Saint Lucia pledges to intensify the mobilisation of the population so that our vaccine uptake can be much better in the next few months,” Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste disclosed.

On Thursday, the minister spoke during a handing over ceremony to gift 7,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccines.

Saint Lucia received the vaccines from the government of Spain through the COVAX facility.

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Jn Baptiste said the government would provide resources to help health professionals reach everyone who needs and wants the vaccines.

“In the near future, we envisage increased vaccination coverage throughout Saint Lucia. We also envisage a situation in Saint Lucia where we continue to learn to adjust, we learn to live with COVID-19 and to learn to ensure that the management of COVID-19 and the preventative strategies find themselves rooted in our communities,” he explained.

Jn Baptiste also expressed that Health and Wellness centres would become the focal points of the fight against COVID-19 within the communities.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, who also addressed the event, described vaccine hesitancy as a ‘major issue’ in Saint Lucia.

But she said the authorities are committed to implementing new community-based strategies and more intense collaboration to improve vaccine coverage.

“This donation will definitely assist us in targeting those with a fear of needles and our homeless and mentally ill as well who are difficult to follow up with a second dose vaccines,” the CMO stated.

In an address to the nation on Sunday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre made a passionate appeal to his countrymen to get vaccinated.

The PM said vaccines have proved to be safe and effective.

“We no longer have the luxury of time. Doubt, procrastination and delay will only bring disease and death. I urge every Saint Lucian to go out and get vaccinated as a matter of urgency,” the Castries East MP said.

“To every Saint Lucian who is not yet vaccinated I again urge you to get vaccinated. I repeat – to every Saint Lucian that is not yet vaccinated, I urge you, please, get vaccinated,” Pierre pleaded.

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  1. Take your jabs and shove them. We don’t want your death jab. You politicians and unelected technocrats with fancy job titles like Chief Medical Officer are participating in a global satanic agenda that will kill billions of God’s innocent people. When the wrath of the universe comes back to haunt you all, there will be no place to run nor hide.

  2. I read an article where a Dr. based on his experience in the emergency room in NY said there is a better reaction to OMICRON from persons who have taken the pzifer and moderna but that is not so with those who take the johnson and johnson. Mr. Minister since you are a medical professional now please educate us. I think since you became the face of the ministry very ew people are listening now so make your explanation of this real impactful. Is there any reason why the numbers f0r Jan 8 were not given last evening. As parents we need to know because the ministry is asking us to send our kids back to school. we need full disclosure.

  3. Update! Both COVID 19 and Vaccines are made in the Lab. Nevertheless, the public is at war trying to determine with of the two is more harmful to the human body. The fact is no body knows.

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  5. Clearly everyone who wants to take the Jewish death jab has already done so. Everyone has had ample opportunity to do so, and most have chosen not to. At this point, the use of force is the only way to put to death those unwilling to die for a fake pandemic. This tyrannical government is leading the country straight into civil war, but they have no choice. They are debt-slaves and must do what their masters tell them.

  6. Wa boy. Pierre why you so eager to sacrifice the people who voted you in power. The experts are saying Omicron is mild and practically an end to this. 21 persons of 992 (known) cases of a deadly admitted to hospital. This seems like a tsunami of mild illness to me. Stop the fear mongering.

  7. Still not taking it. Sorry hahahaha I’m just not gonna take it. Hahahah I know you really want me to,but I just won’t. It’s poison.

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