COVID-19: Saint Lucia To Strictly Enforce Mandatory Quarantine For Unvaccinated Travellers With Negative PCR Tests

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Press Release:-  All unvaccinated persons travelling to Saint Lucia, who have obtained a negative PCR test result, must quarantine in a Government-approved facility and meet the cost of their 14-day mandatory stay.

In a statement by Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste, Minister for Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, on Tuesday November 30, 2021, it was indicated that this requirement will be strictly enforced to reduce the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus, during the upcoming holiday travel period.

Consideration will be given to unaccompanied minors, dependent seniors and those with serious medical conditions to quarantine at home for the mandatory 14-day period.

State quarantine daily rates are as follows:
US$95.00 for single occupancy
US$160.00 for double occupancy
US$240.00 for triple occupancy.

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The Government of Saint Lucia is also advising all travellers to Saint Lucia to apply for travel clearance as soon as their negative PCR test results are received. Applications should be made via the website to obtain clearance.

Airlines flying into Saint Lucia, will not allow the boarding of anyone who does not possess the necessary clearance documents.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Do they think before they draft these releases? Or are they just intent on destroying the recovery of the tourism sector and economy? A daft release.

  2. 1. Why travel to quarantine for 14 days?????? …I guess it applies to those who are unemployed…smh. I am not that interested in coming vaccinated or not.
    2. There is too much to be concerned about ..criminals, bandits, the gimme crew, obeah in front of the bank and God knows where else.
    3. Visiting St. Lucia certainly not a vacation for anyone with common sense.

  3. For those of you who are complaining last Christmas persons who came in were allowed to quarantine at home most of them broke quarantine rules and were all about the place. As a result there was a surge in late December into early February.

  4. OMG yall dont see those fees? and they not even in EC again uh wow thus is really a money making scam why must people pay so much money just to get quarantined after you have a negative test? this is just punishment for those who have not taken the vaccine so if you dont want to pay those fees you have to be vaccinated so you see how the making this mandatory but yet still they are saying there are no mandatory laws now i understand why Martinique and Guadeloupe getting on they way they are

  5. WEll I know who is not getting my vote next election, Green party, put your house in order. We are waiting for a better organised alternative.

  6. No what you people did not comprehend over years is that the politicians say one thing to the local people and even go the distance to document it but when it comes to action its zero. This is why the NGP leader had said its about implementation they will talk all the wanted but when it comes to action they are simply pussies. Just like allen who said the infection came through back door … politicians really believe their voters are jackasses ain it?

  7. Meet your new dictators; same as the old dictators!

    After your red-shirted dictators performed some insignificant, virtue-signaling kabuki for you, via the Lima Group pull-out; they immediately moved to full-on totalitarianism, as prescribed by the Empire’s sponsor, Big Pharma.

    St. Lucians will not resist; their pride will not let them admit that their level of citizenship has never risen past the stupidity & immaturity of playing the game of political musical chairs every 5 years – your ‘ti-croix’ ends up either on a yellow seat or a red seat, depending on when the music stops. As ever, the political class keeps us fighting against each other, so we don’t notice them selling our patrimony & sovereignty to enrich themselves.

    Let’s be reasonable – a big ask, I know: If a vaccinated person is just as likely to transmit or contract Covid-19, what is the point of placing the unvaccinated in quarantine, and not the vaccinated?

    This is way past a health reason now; I am convinced that our politicians and health officials are in this for whatever bribes are still available from Big Pharma & the SLHTA!

  8. As far as the science has shown the new variant has only been found in the vaccinated .so why target only natural citizens

  9. Why wasting my time to come to a lawless County pure nonsense look around that administration putting the people first

  10. Putting the people first..Putting the money full of shate..why wasting my time coming to a lawless County especially under that useless administration..

  11. Minister lapo bef I can assure you that Omicron will not be brought in by the unvaccinated. But surely a vaccinated individual who does not have to go into state quarantine will be the one to introduce and spread it on the island. Remember my dear Sir. the tourists did not vote you into office, we from Vieux Fort North did.

  12. Jn Baptist and SLP ….uhh CC murmurr zort…so the little money ppl come and spend with their long lost families they have to take it and give y’all even if their PCR test negative… in those trying covid times where since y’all in power hasn’t created 4call to ease their burdens except for erasing debt for one set of ppl….Y’all have borders wide open to the VACCINATED omicron foreign travellers but will stifle your own local…Y’all mischievous mofo’s!

  13. Pure bloods you’re having a laugh. Twou bounda you must have opted out of your immunization schedule as a child

  14. That is so silly, silly silly. Don’t these guys have a brain? “… will be strictly enforced to reduce the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus, …” What does Vaccinated and unvaccinated have to do with the spread of the virus? Nothing whatsoever! No science has shown that. All I have learnt and understand is that vaccinated individuals will not be seriously ill if they contract the virus and my family, including myself, are living proof of that. We are all vaccinated. One of us brought it in the home and it spread. This government is just a whole load of confusion. They really do not know what they are doing. This is an attack on Nationals both here and abroad. We already know that the visitors must be fully vaccinated to enter, so they are excluded. VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19 DOES NOT PREVENT OR STOP THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS. Why the isolation of an unvaccinated national with a negative test and not a vaccinated national?

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂14 days at a quarantine facility 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂what’s the sense in coming on vacation then? Well o well I’d advise all pure bloods to stay home this season. It’s not worth it.

    Mussa your head has gotten bigger bruh. What shall it profit a party to gain an election just to lose their souls 🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s if they have any.

    Boring … yawnnnnning

  16. Helaire said it right. There are two St Lucia’s. I believe there those with affiliations with hierarchies and the no names individuals. I know few people who did not meet the criteria for home quarantine and was given approval based on party affiliation and friends. St Lucia will never move forward because there are too much hypocrisy.

  17. Lol one thing about this country is we are good and blindly OBEYING. Anyone remember getting beaten in school for asking questions as to why things are a certain way? Slaves.

    We will never be anything more than a nation of ex slaves!!!!

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