Wednesday, October 5, 2022

COVID-19: Saint Lucia ‘Very Far’ From Desired 70 Percent Vaccine Coverage

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8th Despite repeated appeals from the authorities, Saint Lucia continues to lag in its goal to achieve 70 percent vaccination coverage of the population.

“ Saint Lucia’s vaccination coverage as at February 14, 2022 is 28.5% – very far from achieving the 70% milestone. This milestone can only be achieved by widespread acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines. Let us all take personal responsibility – get vaccinated to protect ourselves, loved ones and the general population,” National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste urged.

Jn Baptiste noted that while Saint Lucia has documented a decline in the number of reported COVID-19 cases during the current fifth wave, people must continue to adhere to protocols, including vaccination as the most effective strategy.

She explained that viruses mutate, resulting in more transmissible variants as demonstrated by SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

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“More alarmingly, we expect COVID-19 disease to be associated with the development of newer variants. What we know is that the more unvaccinated persons we have in our population, the more likely it is for variants to reproduce and spread. Why? Unvaccinated people have less protection against COVID-19 thereby allowing more of the virus to multiply in them if they become infected,” the National Immunisation Manager observed.

Jn Baptiste, however, noted that on the contrary, the vaccinated person has a level of immunity, which creates a hostile environment for the virus to multiply, thus protecting the community from developing severe disease.

And while admitting there’s still a lot to learn about how variants adversely affect vaccinated persons, Jn Baptiste, also Assistant Principal Nursing Officer, observed that more vaccinated people are getting infected during the current fifth wave, referred to as ‘breakthrough infections’.

But she noted that symptoms were generally mild, were of a shorter duration, or in many cases, asymptomatic.

The complete statement appears below:

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  1. If you are getting vaccine information from social media and American right wing media then you are in fact uninformed and probably stupid. Unfortunately, too many St. Lucians are easily influenced by the dark forces of US right wing media. It’s amazing how much crap America is exporting all over the world. When I was a child growing up in St. Lucia I had to get a number of vaccines in order to go to school. Nobody thought anything about it and it didn’t pit family members against each other. Social media is ruining the whole world and all this freedom of thought that you think you have is just bull. You are simply espousing the views of rich evil billionaires who are themselves vaccinated and don’t give a crap whether some person in St. Lucia dies of this virus. Millions of people have taken these vaccines and have not grown three heads. Grow up people and stop making excuses.

  2. Tecla Jn Baptiste, are you aware that most the new variants have developed in countries with high vaccination rates?

  3. Why are the authorities still attempting to convince us that we should be injected with this poison? This, while there has been sooo much evidence globally of the harm this injection has done and is doing to so many people. Our people have done well to protect themselves and resent the plea of the authorities. Vaccines are to prevent harm not to cause harm. Further, why should our government force or cajole us into being part of an experiment with these injections. There is a reason why they have only received emergency use authorization. It’s because they are not approved and still in their experimental phase.

    I urge our fellow Saint Lucians to hold the line and wait for the experiment to be over. Wait for FDA approval of the vaccines. Wait to see what the side effects are before we allow ourselves to be injected. Omicron has done what the injections failed to do – immunize the world and reduce Covid to a mere flu. We will have to live with Covid, therefore no need for injections every six months. This can never be good for our immune system. It’s time to move on and open up the country.

  4. If most people do not wish to take the vaccine (because “yo-dee” says not to) … better they build up their immune system, ingest foods high in antioxidants, wash up constantly, sanitise (even the hard cash they insist on using), stay indoors – and GET TESTED REGULARLY!! But – will they? Wishful thinking (on my part!).

  5. Question: Will un-vaccinated people who have contracted Covid be recognized as having achieved natural immunity and be exempted from vaccination. Am sure inclusion of people who have contracted the virus into or national stats will definitely bring up our “vaccination coverage” if that’s the concern. If not whats the justification for not including.

  6. Countries with 90% – 100% coverage yet massive covid outbreaks. Yet you still come peddle that crap. Are you capable of critical thinking Tecla? Yet you’re a doctor. Geez. Standards are pretty low for medical school. 70% of the people here are capable of that critical thinking ability you lack. Go hang your head in shame.

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