COVID-19: Saint Lucian Company Ready To Assist With Caribbean Vaccine Rollout

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Press Release: As the Caribbean gets ready to roll out a massive vaccination programme aimed at arming nationals in the fight against COVID-19, one Saint Lucian Company is poised to assist regional medical authorities in their attempt to manage the process.

The company – Digitised Solutions Limited has announced the production of a highly effective software solution that will enable early identification of anyone willing to be vaccinated.

The software aptly named I-Vax is a progressive web application developed to effectively implement and monitor vaccination programmes.

The developers say I-Vax which is extremely user-friendly, will provide quick registration by requiring one to input their date of birth and a valid national ID number.

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This information will then be validated against national databases to prevent invalid registration.

I-Vax will then allow registrants to schedule a vaccination appointment based on available
time slots configured for the vaccination site and, when applicable, I-Vax will even conveniently send early reminders for follow-up vaccination.

Digitised Solutions has explained that working closely with local clinicians, I-Vax will provide a console for medical professionals to record and access information collected during triage, post-vaccination observations and self-reporting of suspected cases of adverse and side-effects by those vaccinated.

Information collected will then be used to provide real time dashboard statistics such as the percentage of a population that has been vaccinated fully and partially, by city, town, village and nationally, likewise for the number of nationals awaiting vaccination.

Additional features of I-Vax include:
• Schedule management based on available clinicians at a given site
• Contact-less appointment processing using QR-Code
• Offline registration to facilitate vaccine registration outreach programmes undertaken by healthcare workers
• Digital vaccine certificate as per WHO recommendation specified in Annex 6 of the IHR
• Digital vaccine verification using highly secure standard data protection protocols and terms of use that are in
keeping with related HIPAA data security rules;
• In-built chat for direct access to health professionals associated with the vaccination programme.

According to the Company I-Vax provides the most efficient means to collect vaccination data for analysis and reporting.

The I-Vax helps enforce restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 due to the ease at which vaccinated persons could be identified either for the purpose of national COVID-19 policies or future international obligations which will require vaccination before travel.

“Although I-Vax could be an integral part of the government’s short- to long-term strategy that guarantees effective use of limited state resources, a high-quality communications plan is key to its success.  As such, we have developed an I-Vax communications strategy that ensures a high measure of public outreach and consistent messaging on the importance of registering for the vaccine. I-Vax is estimated to take 6 weeks for a phased rollout at an at an affordable cost that is tailored to the client’s needs. The cost includes software development, high quality video tutorials and campaign promotional material for television, radio and print,’ a Company Representative said

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