COVID-19: Saint Lucians Advised To Consider Second Booster For Certain Groups

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Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs has advised considering a second COVID-19 booster vaccine for certain high-risk groups.

” As COVID-19 continues to evolve and new variants emerge, there is a need to consider a second booster for certain high-risk groups. A booster provides added protection by increasing the level of immunity against the virus,” National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste explained in a statement on Friday.

Jn Baptiste noted that the development of COVID-19 vaccines protected against the virus, its severe complications, hospitalisation, and death.

But she noted that immunity generated by the vaccine wanes overtime.

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“So the virus continues to mutate and become even more transmissible,” the senior Health Ministry official stated.

Jn Baptiste warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. 

“While we document a decline in the number of reported cases at this time, we must continue to be vigilant and take all precautions to protect ourselves and loved ones,” the National Immunisation Manager expressed.

Her complete statement appears below:

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  2. Based on the rate of booster shots it is assumed that a teenager will take approximately 500 boosters in their life time.


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