Sunday, September 25, 2022

COVID-19: Saint Lucia’s Fifth Waves Brings Several Cases In Vaccinated Population

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As Saint Lucia grapples with a fifth COVID-19 wave that health officials say started on December 16, the Island has recorded several infections among vaccinated individuals.

“During this current wave, a number of positive COVID-19 cases have been noted in the vaccinated population – what is termed ‘vaccine breakthrough cases’,” National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste disclosed in a statement on Tuesday.

“These are instances in which an individual tests positive for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated more than 14 days after completing their primary series.” Jn Baptiste explained.

She said the cases generally present very mild illness or are asymptomatic.

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Health officials have disclosed that since the fifth COVID-19 wave began here, the country has averaged 136 cases daily.

Jn Baptiste said given the transmission rate, the circulation of the Omicron variant is highly suspicious.

The National Immunisation Manager observed that although the cases are less severe and generally mild, the Omicron variant can result in life-threatening illnesses for the unvaccinated.

She noted that unvaccinated people are at higher risk of becoming severely ill or dying, while those who take the vaccine generally experience mild illness if they become infected

According to Jn Baptiste, the elderly and people living with chronic conditions are at significantly higher risk compared to other groups, given that the risk of severe illness increases with age.

In addition, she revealed that an individual’s outcome depends on general health and the immune system’s ability to fight infections.

“With this in mind, persons who are partially vaccinated or have not been vaccinated are encouraged to do so. For those who have been vaccinated more than six months – get boosted,” Jn Baptiste urged.

She stated that the risk of becoming infected or having a re-infection and becoming severely ill significantly increases if not fully vaccinated.

And while asserting that vaccination remains the best protection against COVID-19 and its variants, the senior Health Ministry official reminded her audience that they must observe other measures for added security, including wearing a face mask and sanitising.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Please try to encourage more transparency of the authorities rather than being adversarial and antagonistic. When little is given we should ask for more rather than this “I told you so” attitudes. Are you one of those parents who ask your child to speak the truth and hit the child on the head when he/she does?

    I wish to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to wear a mask whenever you are out of your home. Try to stay away from drinking and eating in crowded places. Such places increases your exposure since your mask has to come off to eat or drink. I also call upon the authorities to DO AWAY WITH THE CONFINEMENTS as they are a false sense of security as evidenced in the resurgence of the infections despite the nearly 6 months of daily confinements. Instead, provide more facilities for citizens to sanitize in public places (sidewalks and parks), provide access to free masks and change your messaging about the vaccine. Make the message one that speaks of the vaccinated and unvaccinated in a more positive and inclusive way as we need EVERYONE on board to reduce the spread.

    Btw, why is our Minister of Health still saying that he took the booster shot to protect his family and others around him when the science has shown for a long time now that even the vaccinated can be infected and infect others. Hon. Minister, wearing masks protects you and those around you, not the vaccine.

  2. Thing is they have sold themselves to those world powers and are therefore being held hostage. So by extension they try to hold the country hostage with their unethical actions. If the so called vaccines are so good why then does Pfizer require 50 and later they added another 20 years to provide data on the effects of the so called vaccines? And you mean the masses do not notice something sinister? Wake up people!

  3. Amen wise up. They know it not working. They have quotas to fill. And is anyone here tracking the adverse reactions from these shots. I heard Dr. King call out Dr. G. St. Rose on a clinical trial for using that medication she promoting. As part of Phase III investigative use, there must be adverse events recorded to know if the product should continue. This isn’t happening here.

  4. Girl I know you are programmed to tell is that garbage. The vaccinated are no better off than the unvaccinated. If they were there would have been no need for the booster shots. Israel is now on its fourth shot. You get boosted because the experimental jab didn’t work. Simple! In fact the vaccines are actually destroying our natural immunity and making us dependent on the boosters to remain healthy. Those of us who are unvaccinated stand a better chance of surviving that crap because the body’s ability to protect itself. And tell me again why would you unethical people want to force us to be part of a human vaccine trial, where data is collected to assess how many it killed or injured. That can never be right. But yes our dumb governments who just follow blindly cannot take a stand to protect us and safeguard us from this madness. But I have news for you. You ain’t see nothing yet. We will defend our God given right to determine what goes into our bodies. That is not for you to decide. When that crap is all is all over it will be proven that the unvaccinated were indeed the wise ones.

  5. …..and calling people like me conspiracy theorists…eh.. when we said months and months ago for questioning this so called vaccine. it wont prevent you from catching covid and spreading…..look now.
    and now they want you to take how many booster jabs….yeah right.
    they will never admit to the truth…. lies and more lies….but in due time all will be reveled you just wait. smdh.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, finally you all coming out with the truth. But I sure it is not the complete picture. Sharon Belmar-George, Merle Clarke, Andre Matthew, Monique Monplaisir, SLMDA and Medical Council can you all just come clean with the people?

  7. Minister vaxx mass take note…not that you didn’t know…people protect yourself and family because these guys don’t care #my country needs help

  8. Even the local health professionals are daft, very few vaccines are immunizing, and are meant to prevent complications not infection. I can understand why there is so much misinformation because the professionals none the wiser. This is not the first pandemic nor the last, learn from the past. Viruses mutate and get weaker and spread more. New pandemics come in waves, the first two are usually the deadliest while doctors figure out how to deal with it. Vaccines help prevent death not infection.

  9. ok..the truth coming e….it deh aredy…we dnt need slu times to tell us that….to all the vaxxed and proud mi ratid

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