COVID-19: SLASPA Adjusts Airport Protocols

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The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Wellness wishes to advise the general public and the airport community of the following adjustments to the COVID-19 protocols at the George F.L Charles and Hewanorra International Airports, commencing, Friday, May 20, 2022.

1. Departing passengers will no longer be screened for temperature check by a health practitioner at the entrance of the departure area.

2. Access will now be granted to the non-traveling members of the public and the rest of the airport community to the terminal and the restaurants.

3. Visitors, patrons and the wider airport community are required to continue to adhere to the wearing of face masks and practice physical distancing throughout the airport facilities.

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SLASPA is committed to the health, safety and restoration of the operational efficiency of its facilities and will remain vigilant in our response to current conditions of the COVID -19 pandemic as we collaborate with our industry partners and stakeholders.

The Authority is prepared to serve you with excellence and encourages everyone to adhere to the protocols for the safety and well-being of all airport users.

Please contact the Business Development and Corporate Communications Department at telephone number 457-6109, for further information or visit our website at

Source: Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. i have a question for slaspa which pertains to the Hewanorra airport. now that Access will now be granted to the non-traveling members of the public and the rest of the airport community to the terminal and the restaurants does this mean that we can go under the terminal and no longer stand up in the hot blazing sun on the side to pick up our families? The reason i ask is before you go and stand up in the designated spot where there is the green barrier the officers that own the airport quick to run behind you and say you cant stand there.

  2. Madness, is there anything wrong with this? The minister of carnival is already undermining the vaccine by saying whether you take the vaccine or not you can be in the bacchanal. This means one does not need to take the vaccine anymore.

    • People are moving the 4k on…thats what…if you wish to isolate yourself and spend the rest of your life indoors…feel free to do so…they bring the vaccines to you for free too…just allow the sane people to move on. The damn thing isnt written on anyones face these restrictions cant continue.

      • At this point you’re wasting your time. If by now they don’t get it, nothing ever will convince them otherwise. Fauci can go preach to them it was all a hoax and they will continue with their cultish BS. Just ask the Russiagate promoters how that working out.

      • Covid is one of the biggest get rich schemes in history. A ponzi scheme with the likes of pfizer, gates and other raking in untold amounts of wealth. Don’t know why people are so accepting of these contradictions. Or perhaps they feel they have no power over their government. And that is terrifying.


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