Wednesday, August 17, 2022

COVID-19: SLP Concerned Over Rising Deaths, UWP’s Response

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Press Release:–  March 13, 2021, marked one year since Saint Lucia recorded its first COVID-19 Case.

One year on, Saint Lucia has now surpassed 4,000 total cases and 55 deaths.

Over the weekend, we sadly recorded another 7 new deaths in just 2 days.

Each life lost represents more pain and anguish for families, friends and loved ones.

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Saint Lucia has recorded more deaths than all of the OECS islands combined.

Put another way, since the start of the year, we have recorded 50 COVID-19-related deaths; in effect, a death every 35 hours.

We have become a country in mourning, a grieving nation with losses due to COVID-19 being experienced on top of the rising loss of lives from suicides and homicides.

Our people continue to hold steadfast knowing that their opportunity to exhale is near.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party laments the continued appalling state of healthcare in Saint
Lucia, only exacerbated by the UWP Government’s approach to COVID-19.

It is an approach characterised by seeking profit first and the welfare of the people after.

To date, we have borrowed approximately $400 million in the name of COVID-19, but the Government seems more committed to projects for their election campaign and lining pockets than keeping COVID-19 patients breathing, helping children get connected to their teachers and keeping food on the tables of Saint Lucian homes where many remain jobless.

For this uncaring UWP Administration, health and wellbeing continue to be victims of
electioneering and optical illusions.

Saint Lucians deserve better, a Government who cares and who puts them first.

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