COVID-19: SLTU Wants Immediate Review Of School Operations

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As Saint Lucia grapples with a fifth COVID-19 wave that has seen a massive surge in virus cases, the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) has called on the Ministry of Education, which announced a continuation of face-to-face classes, to review school operations immediately.

“The high numbers impact the public and that will impact schools and so we need the Ministry of Of Education to review school operations with immediate effect,” SLTU President Don Howell told St Lucia Times.

Howell explained that schools reopened when teachers were very apprehensive about the COVID-19 numbers.

But he said teachers sacrificed to face students and advance instruction and education.

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Nevertheless, the SLTU President observed that the union has seen that the pandemic is impacting the education sector and putting strain on the school system throughout the week.

Howell explained that the education system is different from other workspaces because there are no extra members or staff on rotation when teachers are impacted.

“Throughout this week that would have created tremendous strain for teachers in school and so the Ministry of Education needs to act and act decisively as it relates to the continued operation of school,” the SLTU President expressed.

“Students have been affected, staff have been affected – it’s affecting everyone.”

“The school is not in a bubble apart from the rest of the society. So while we are concerned and the teachers union has always favoured continuation of instruction and the teachers alike, that’s why they would have made that sacrifice, but we have to be real,” Howell declared.

“What we do in this spike – they may lose more than just instructional time,” he stated.

Howell recalled that the SLTU had talks with the Minister of Education, who acknowledged there had been no discussion with the union.

He said the meeting with the Minister observed that the COVID-19 numbers were high, and agreed that if there were further spikes, there would be a follow-up session for an urgent discussion on school operations.

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  1. Mr. PM please wake up. The students of this nation are not sacrificial lambs. Do what is is necessary to curb and control this pandemic

  2. SLTU and MoE weaving tangled webs.
    Where is the Students’ Council?
    Where are the school PTA’s?
    Do these organisations exist?
    These should be two of the most important and loudest voices to shake up the administration, and establishments.
    Backwardness as usual … we eh going nowhere!
    The poor students, and the teachers, will be paying a heavy price for incompetency within the “Establishment”.

  3. Well said Lucius Joseph. I agree with you. Most of the adults cannot adhere to the basic rules which will help reduce the spread of covid but they are calling for children to be deprived of their education because of the non-compliance of adults. They are busy socialising in crowds and wearing their masks under their chins or under their noses like there is no pandemic. Some people fail to realise that you cannot stop and start the economy every time there is a new variant.

  4. There should not be a blanket shutting down of schools and resort to online learning. The decision should be driven by available community data. Schools in communities with low or no community spread should remain open for face-to-face instruction. I have not seen the evidence that students are safer outside of the school environment. The union has not urged it’s members to get vaccinated to minimize the effects of the virus

  5. Well now the operative term is “review school operations”. Where are the demands to close schools immediately. Where are the days when teachers were called on to withdraw service. This is by far the biggest and most dramatic wave and yet it has not peaked. Why are so many people being exposed to that situation. This is really ridiculous. The MOE needs to announce the closure of face to face school for at least the next three weeks. Teachers and students are being infected on a daily basis and some schools are already in crisis.

  6. Get a life, making a big thing out of nothing .Life must go on covid , vivid , vid coveflu , omricon , Delta , Ihu we must move on with life.

    So please let us divert our energies to more important matters like crime , employment .drugs , unlicensed fire arm .

  7. Notice carefully. This SLTU says review School Operations. His words were carefully chosen. Unlike the ” CLOSE SCHOOLS” being shouted on EVERY radio and TV station when things were not so bad. Am not saying Chas handled it better but Am just so Disappointed in Professionals Who Make Decisions and can Affect Decisions in this Country are so Hypocritical and Political and not realisng that it is us the lil man and our kids that are being affected negatively whiles the Politicians and their close allies that Benefit and sit, drink cognac and laugh at us while we struggle to even drink juice daily.

  8. Dom how how well you crawl for underneath you rock. You are killing a sch and a union. That is a true analogy..two birds with one stone,

  9. I don’t buy any argument against reopening of schools. Lazy teachers are pushing this agenda.. It is best that schools reopen because the chances of participants following Covid protocols at school is so much greater than either at home or in public. Lean to coexist with Covid, the sooner the better.

  10. Howell and others are lap dogs. Howell you should have spoken up and raise your voice from the moment the announcement was made that school would be reopening for the second term.

    Y’all do not have what it takes to be real leaders and stand up for what is right. AlI I see are people fighting each other for positions and rely on party to get there.
    Where is the Student Council? I have not heard from none of them but last year around this time, this Constanine kid of the student council was raising his voice and was on all tv stations calling the ministry of education to close schools and to go back to the drawing board when the cases was no so high. Now this term there is a new party in power and cases are skyrocketing and schools were reopened and not a word from him nor his members and you want .me to take y’all seriously and kiss ass all because y’all hold positions. Man go sit down tan

  11. TOTAL MADNESS!!! The children are the guinea pigs! Which of the paid leaders will rise to the moment and shut the darn school doors in the interest of society’s most vulnerable population — our children!

  12. Shawn wants schools open so that the SLP can provide some work for party people who worked for the party during the elections. Shawn has not been able to pay many of the persons who worked for the party and keeping school open is the only way that the SLP can pay back at this point in time. The same with the candidate for Anse la Raye / Canaries. He gave me a contract as my payment for what i did for him during the elections. Many persons have not been paid for their services during the election. If schools close I will be very disappointed because i will not be paid. However, Shawn promise to pay for January even if we don’t carry children for the entire month. The party will have to call upon Marwan and Rayneau to finance the drivers during this difficult time.

  13. @feeling…i always say we need to be united and strong…there are persons representing their social groups to stand up to the govt like cannibis and all that roro…why cant teachers and other take a united front all civil servants to this govt???

  14. Howell you are a joke. Wrong profession, wrong school. You are also a bigger detriment to this school. And for those calling people house negro try to me more innivative. Sounding like a broken record

  15. That’s all ya’ll got Uh huh and haha? The facts of this Jackcass PM and Cabinet will beat all ya’ll stupid SLP HACKS

  16. Aa Now Don Howell getting a voice. If it was Uncle Chas that was there he would be on all talkshows both on radio and on television airing out his mouth like he did last year. But this time around it’s his party that did the same things and worse and now he’s quiet as a mouse. My oh my what time does to us when we are hypocrites and support De Party over country. Now tell me who The House Slave now.

  17. And rightly so these guys don’t care who feels it knows it…apparently they don’t so it’s up to us to demand what we want..most parents will say they rather die for their children with all those cases and deaths what do you think gonna happen to them clueless administration #god put a hand #my country needs help

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