Tuesday, September 27, 2022

COVID-19: UWP Accuses Dr. Ernest Hilaire Of Shocking Hypocrisy

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Press Release:-  The United Workers Party continues to be appalled by the mindless and shocking hypocrisy of Dr. Ernest Hilaire and the Saint Lucia Labour Party when it comes to their statements about the out-of-control Covid-19 infections in Saint Lucia.

In a widely circulated clip from an interview of Dr. Hilaire on HOT 7 TV held on January
26, 2021 he condemns the UWP administration for allowing tourists into the country at a
time when the British variant of the virus was of concern.

Dr. Hilaire further accused the government of being more concerned about businesses making money than the lives of Saint Lucians. On that date, the total number of positive Covid-19 tests was 48, and active infections were 461.

Unashamedly, on Tuesday August 17, 2021, outside the House of Parliament, and now
being a member of a new SLP administration, Dr. Hilaire now blames the youth of Saint
Lucia and dismisses the visitors as being responsible for the spread of Covid-19.

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It is mind boggling that on August 17, with the positive Covid-19 test results at 103 and the total number of active cases was 896, and the more infectious and deadly Delta variant
confirmed on island, that Ernest Hilaire would now choose to downplay the “front door”
and instead hold the youth of Saint Lucia responsible.

This again shows the mindless hypocrisy of Ernest Hilaire and the SLP when it comes to
fighting Covid-19 here in Saint Lucia. It is clear that the SLP is only concerned about
scoring cheap political point and their story will change depending on whether they are in
Opposition or occupying government.

The SLP has again shown how their opportunistic words before elections have now come
back to bite them where it hurts.

The United Workers Party condemns Ernest Hilaire’s boldfaced attack on the youth of
Saint Lucia and calls on him to stop the shameless politicking in this deadly war against

We also find it rather peculiar that the SLP is unable to implement the very same
measures they demanded of the UWP before elections.

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