Wednesday, August 17, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccination: Christian Council Responds To ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Claim

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The Saint Lucia Christian Council Wednesday announced that it will utilise its reach in the education system to provide information about COVID-19 vaccination and if necessary, facilitate such vaccination.

However, the Vice Chairman of the council, Derrick Mitchell of the Salvation Army, has advised against feeding on information from unqualified individuals.

“You cannot be quoting and feeding into information from persons who have no knowledge. When it comes to matters of health and matters of science, I tend to gravitate and those under my sphere of influence I have them gravitate towards the doctors, the health care professionals, to the scientists. When we need our car fixed we need to go to a mechanic. We cannot take advice concerning our health from people who are not qualified and too many of us are doing this and it is costing people their lives,” Mitchell lamented.

He acknowledged that some individuals have said that the COVID-19 jab is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ mentioned in the Bible book of Revelation.

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Some who are opposed to taking the COVID-19 vaccine assert that accepting it would in effect amount to being marked by Satan and incurring God’s wrath. But Mitchell told reporters that no scripture specifically says the COVID-19 vaccine is the ‘Mark of the Beast’.

“When we were kids and we got our first polio vaccine, because each child was associated with a number for their case file, it was said that the polio vaccination was the mark of the beast and I remember growing up as a teenager in Jamaica when I got my first bank card they told me that that card with that number is the ‘Mark of the Beast’,” the Saint Lucia Christian Council Vice-Chairman recalled.

“Now we are being told that you getting a vaccination that might actually save your life is the ‘Mark of the Beast’. It doesn’t hold water,” he asserted.

“My encouragement to our fellow Saint Lucians is to get themselves vaccinated, practice the protocols – wash their hands regularly, wear the masks,  sanitise as often as possible and yes, the Salvation Army endorses getting the vaccination,” Mitchell told Wednesday’s news conference.

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