Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: Vendors Appeal For Government Help As Sales Plummet

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Vendors want government assistance to cope as sales plummet due to the impact of COVID-19 on their business.

Vendors Association President Peter Isaac told St Lucia Times that the pandemic had a terrible effect on members of the organisation.

He explained that some passengers are not disembarking although cruise ships come calling, and sometimes when the vendors do see people, they are coming from the hotels and not the vessels.

Isaac also disclosed that the visitors are not spending.

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“It has not been that bright and this season is going to be very rough for us. There are seasonal vendors who sell for Jounen Kweyol, people selling for Valentine’s Day and none of these things happened since COVID. This is the second year we haven’t had Assou Square and that is going to affect a number of vendors especially people coming out at that time and the Festival of Lights was virtual,” the Vendors Association President noted.

“Vendors are not optimistic that’s why we were asking that we get a package – some assistance, financial assistance from the administration especially vendors in the Craft Market and the Vendors Arcade because as you know these two facilities have been officially closed and we have not really gotten much assistance apart from the lump sum of $500 per month for three months,” he stated.

“A lot of people were depending on the statement they interpreted to be that if the administration coming in now – people interpreted the statement of the Prime Minister as if he is in office he would assist and he would triple the amount and a number of people went for that, but now there is a turnaround in terms of the interpretation,” Isaac told St Lucia Times.

He said vendors had received help from the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association, for which they are grateful.

However, he said the assistance was insufficient to sustain people during the festive season.

And Isaac asserted that with the appearance of Omicron and mixed messages concerning the variant, vendors are not hopeful that they will see a silver lining soon.

Headline photo: FLASHBACK to better days – Tourist examines items for sale in Vendors Arcade, Castries.

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  1. It clearly shows that the economy need to diversify… The government need to move into agro industries and give added value to agriculture.. As we depend to much on tourism… We must produce more…

  2. The Dependency Syndrome is rearing it’s ugly head everytime IPA open his mouth. Vendors need to become creative and stop selling the same shit to the tourist. The pandemic hit the tourist hard as well, their spending power is not the same as it was. In fact the pandemic has given everyone a massive blow, from the fishers to the teachers, from the daily paid workers to the monthly paid. One may argue that government has not decreased salaries but in reality the spending power of our dollar has deminished so drastically that stuff you bought last Christmas that cost you in the range of $200.00 this Christmas if you don’t have $600.00 don’t think of it. With this General IPA everyone needs stimulus. We are still awaiting the no income tax on the first $4000.00 and the payment of income tax returns owed to us 10+ years ago. This was supposed to be in the first 100 days. Remind me, how many days have gone by, my memory of time is not all that good.

  3. Ipa get your Elmer Fudd looking arse off your rectum and go plant garden,you were one of the anti UWP,s that voted for better but now you crying worse than before….man listen!rasta dont believe in vive mol or la-charité,lass begg….you see that vive mol ting not working go try some deep sea fishing or plant some baanaanaa!..all what they do for y’all,y’all not satisfied,take off all pending debts for city vendors with booths yet you want more….see it like dat brodda,there’s ppl in wayward situation than y’all…Choops tan you crying like a spoil SLP child.

  4. I’m so tired of these vendors always asking government for income support. What about all the mothers that had to sacrifice to home school their children for years. Don’t we mothers need some sort of financial assistance as well? Stop all this crap complaining, find alternative ways to make income, market your products to local as well. Advertise on different media forums. Become innovative and ambitious. Create business cards, flyers, get sales representatives and get your business rocking. It’s time for making a change, too much reliance on government. Become self reliant.

  5. My My My. Ipa Issac again crying for handouts. When will they stop! When will these vendors learn that they need to stand on their own and stop depending on government every time they see sales drop. Vendors have been getting assistance and handouts all throughout this pandemic and still begging for government to still give them. Issac, what is your role as president of dry goods? Is it only to come to the media and beg for handouts?

  6. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Everything but the elites will be bankrupt by the time this is over. You will have to sell everything to try to survive. The banks will seize everything you own as your can’t pay your debts. You will become a slave to the elites and the banking cartel. The meta verse is already upon us. You will be hooked into whatever they choose to feed you 24/7. A matrix if you will. The measures to counter covid are what will destroy everything. The rastaman decades ago had it correct. LEAVE BABYLON. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

  7. If indeed , those who are filthy rich and can control the outcome of people’s lives with a decision are the ones responsible for this covid 19 pandemic, then i wish leprosy, farming, the worst of sicknesses on to you and your whole lineage.

  8. While you keep begging for more handouts, Some of us who have paid our bills and taxes all during the pandemic are now jobless. Unlike vendors, we cannot ask for handouts although WE PAID the TAXES which will be used to cover the debt the vendors have incurred. Instead we have to keep looking or keep trying for ours. I don’t mean to sound heartless, but I’m frustrated too, and hearing those who got freeness complain is absurd!

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