Thursday, October 6, 2022

COVID-19 Wardens To Be Given Powers Of Arrest

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has announced the closure of applications for the for COVID-19 wardens, citing an overwhelming response.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, says once appointed the wardens will be given powers of arrest.

“The notice went out on Friday but to date we have had so many applications that, I mean, it’s overwhelming,” Desir, told reporters Tuesday.

He disclosed that as of Tuesday morning, applications were closed.

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Desir explained that a selection will be made from the applications received.

According to the Deputy Police Commissioner, the target is two hundred individuals.

He said the job of the warden would be to ensure that COVID-19 protocols are observed, especially in the communities and bars.

Desir said the wardens would monitor things like the wearing of masks.

“Actually, when we have done the final selection they will be given powers of arrest by the Commissioner of Police,” Desir told reporters.

However, he said the wardens would not be members of the police force.

According to Desir, the RSLPF is facilitating the recruitment and bestowing the powers of arrest on those who are selected as wardens.

“You would appreciate that if the Commissioner is going to give someone the power, we need to have a hand in knowing who we give those powers to,” he stated.

Desir said the names will be submitted to the Prime Minister for final approval, possibly by weekend.

He said he was not sure how long the appointment of the COVID-19 wardens would last.

Desir said wardens would wear a shirt with the words ‘COVID Warden’ or similar lettering on it.

He also disclosed that the intention is to provide the wardens with an identification card.

Desir also responded to the question of whether the wardens would carry firearms or batons.

“Actually we are not anticipating that persons would encounter too many issues and if they do, they would be able to contact the police,” he explained.

Desir added that police officers will at times accompany the wardens.

He said the police welcome the recruitment of COVID-19 wardens.

“If you have at least two hundred extra hands working in conjunction with what we are doing, I think that is a great improvement,” Desir told reporters.

Headline photo caption: Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir (File photo)

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