Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CPMC Announces Changes To Carnival Parade Route & Traffic Diversion

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The Carnival Planning & Management Committee (CPMC) announces the changes to the route for the Parade of the Bands for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022.

A total of eleven bands have registered for this year’s parade.

The parade will commence at the Choc Roundabout near Caribbean Cinemas and proceed along the John Compton Highway, into Castries. Bands will then turn left onto Jn. Baptiste Street, right onto Darling Road, then right onto Jeremie Street and exit the City via the John Compton Highway.

The parade will begin at 10 am on Monday, July 18, and at 12 noon on Tuesday, July 19. Judging will take place on Jn. Baptiste Street, adjacent to Massy Stores, Waterfront.

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Traffic Diversion  

North Bound Traffic: from Castries City heading towards Gros Islet 

Vehicles travelling from Castries towards Gros Islet, will exit the city through Chaussee Road, onto the Calvary, into La Clery and onto the John Compton Highway via the Vigie Roundabout. Northbound vehicular traffic will be restricted to the left lane only. The right lane will be utilized for emergency purposes only.

South Bound Traffic: from Gros Islet towards Castries City 

All vehicles heading towards the city from the Gros-Islet area must turn left into Grande Riviere and utilize the Morne Du-don/Balata Road to get into Castries, with the exception of vehicles exiting at Sunny Acres.

Vehicles travelling into Sunny Acres MUST be escorted by a Police Outrider once they have gotten to the intersection of Castries Gros- Islet Hwy. The John Compton Highway will be closed to southbound vehicular traffic.

Where possible, drivers are encouraged to utilize the back roads during parade times and to practice safe driving habits.

Source: Carnival Planning & Management Committee. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. Judging by the picture, it appears there are ten times more women than men; is it because the missing men are either locked up or dead? have fun now, there’s either green figs & salt fish or Rock Cake & Squash. ( in all this, you must still have faith in the Almighty)

  2. That route wasnt well thought of..with 11 bands….bands will be clashing in front government buildings….hmm..oh well

      • If I recall the band used to go up Peynier Street from highway, turn right onto Micoud Street, go near SLASPA then onto Jeremie Street, up Darling Road, then onto JnBaptiste Street and back up the highway. Look like they took off all that. It should give the bands enough time to exit the city.

  3. Are there any express lanes to the hospital? Why ? To facilitate prompt medical intervention. Also, it is alleged that the majority of medical/nursing staff will be participating in this year’s carnival. Hence, in my opinion every band member should have medical insurance that is inclusive of air ambulance services.


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