CPMC Says Saint Lucia Carnival Successful, Incident-Free

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Saint Lucia’s Carnival Planning & Management Committee (CPMC) declared at a news conference Wednesday that the Island’s 2022 Carnival was a success with increased numbers, especially for the national events.

CPMC Chairperson Tamara Gibson said in an interview on the sidelines of the news conference that many people came out to support the activities while others joined the organisation’s live streams.

Gibson noted that all the events started on time, and from all accounts, the Carnival season was incident-free.

“We have had no significant reports from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force of any incidents during the season,” the CPMC Chair disclosed.

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She recalled that initially, the plan was for a ‘bubble Carnival’.

“Initially in conversations with the CMO and the public health officials they took into consideration having Carnival in as much of a bubble as possible in a two-week period and taking COVID and its effects into consideration. Obviously between that time and now the world changed. Lots of things happened with COVID,” Gibson observed.

She explained that as a result, organisers had to ‘tweak’ Carnival.

However, she pointed out that this year there were no new events as organisers attempted to limit activities as much as possible.

“That was mainly because of COVID and the possible spread of COVID at that time. Those decisions were made late in 2021,” Gibson said.

The CPMC official described as ‘strategic’ the bid to ensure greater participation of locals in the national events, although admittedly, the private events were taking some precedence over the national ones.

“So people had to make a choice ‘Where do I go? Do I go to a national event on the Friday night or do I go to Panorama?’ We felt the national events needed to have their own space, their own time. And also in working with the SLTA, the aim this year was to bring people to Saint Lucia for a longer period of time and not just the weekend of Carnival but to get them to experience Saint Lucia, our beaches, our culture and everything about Saint Lucia,” she disclosed.

“I think it worked positively for us,” Gibson stated, while explaining that it was too early to pronounce on visitor arrivals for the season.

The results from the national parade of the bands for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 are as follows:  

Section of the Year  
Position  Band  Portrayal 
1 Xuvo Arcane
2 Just 4 Fun Avant Garde
3 Tribe of Twel Universe Imagica 13
3 Fuzion Mas Yemaya


Mas on the Move  
Position  Band  Portrayal 
1 Xuvo Infinity Tribe Modern Meta
2 Just 4 Fun XX 20
3 Island Tribe Revenge 2.0
4 Red Unlimited Chaos


Spirit of Carnival 
Position  Band  Portrayal 
1 Just 4 Fun XX 20
2 Xuvo Infinity Tribe Modern Meta
3 Fuzion Mas OYO The God Within
4 Island Tribe Revenge 2.0


Band of the Year  
Position  Band  Portrayal 
1 Just 4 Fun XX 20
2 Xuvo Infinity Tribe Modern Meta
3 Tribe of Twel Universe (Un)Known Universe
4 Fuzion Mas OYO The God Within


Individual of the Year  
Position  Name  Band  Portrayal 
1 Sharon Tanner Tribe of Twel Luskaa – Guardian of the Imagica  13
2 Tanisha Nicky Williams Tribe of Twel Blue Nebula
3 Cedric Laurent Island Tribe King Congo
4 Jordan Augier Tribe of Twel Sunbird of Asgard


Ole Mas   
Position  Competitor   Song 
1 Robert Calderon Minerva Ward 2
2 Cuthbert Modeste Look for Rain Investor
3 Carlton Ishmael Banana Back On Track
4 Linus Joseph COVID Give Farmers A Break, Farmers Start Forking


Road March   
Position  Competitor   Song 
1 Fross Eat Man Money
2 Shemmy J Dou Dou
3 Ezra Da FunMachine Pass Me Straight
4 DJ ASAP Scrub It



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  1. You claim it was a success because no major incidents were reported by police and many people came out to support the activities.
    Note: People will always come out no matter what to see the investments made.
    Now tell us how much profit did the government make of that 6 million it invested into this bacchanal. Was it a loss or profit. I will be waiting for the answers. Remember this government promised transparency and honesty.

  2. Now can we take a page from Carnival (and Friday Night) and allow the churches to accept their usual amount of people? Remove the square footage. Should be a wave of christenings/dedications and hopefully weddings as a result of carnival.

  3. What is cultural about a naked woman shaking her a** when she sees a camera? Eventually carnival costumes will be thread. How can children now come out to view what is considered cultural?

    • The very same women who want respect and equality yet don’t respect themselves. Living up to their dodgy reputation throughout the Caribbean and other countries. Lucian Carnival has nothing to do with its origins – just an excuse for debauchery. Not only Covid spreads at this event…

  4. Will wait for ministry of health report. Its clear we have no more covid. Smfh

    In addition, how is carnival a cultural event? Is our culture nudity? Most costumes showed woman almost naked and once they realize the camera on them they shake their a**.

    • If one is copying others cultures it does not make it theirs. People are comparing Brazil and Trinidad costumes and saying we have to move with the time. Moving with the time is just copying other people cultures. If we compare our culture of decades ago to now, it is clearly that our culture is gone. Brazil Carnival has always been the same theme. We can incorporate others and tweak it to make it our own but to me our Carnival has lost its theme.
      Also, some women need to wear costumes for their body type. Thongs should not be for big butts outside on the streets. Many were not fit to wear some of the naked costumes especially if the were going to misbehave with legs up.

  5. wen the same people ready to implement the martials laws and lock downs on us i hope we wont complain…u have more distancing at supermarkets and stores but everyday we have to wear a mask in these places, yet carnival was do what you want how u want…..when will we take a stand and see beyond certain things??? this is hypocritical on the part of the leaders, but the sheep follow to rub tires for 2 days……when they will have us broke like glass i hope we wont complain too

  6. Yall felt national events “had to have their on space and time” and you decided to replace the timing of them with the private parties. You sidelined our culture for private entities to make money.

    • Give it up already you branch covidian. Even your lord and savior Bill Gates said this is no more dangerous than the regular flu. Yet cultists like you refuse to accept. Kinda like Nazism continuing after Hitler and the Third Reich was destroyed and the morons continued with it…

      • Say what you know, and know what you say!
        Your comments are more “branchy” than HN’s – who’s comment is meant to be sarcastic and snarky. @HN – we shall see what gives in the next couple of days, eh!?!


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