Crackdown On Errant Motorcyclists Urged After Fatal Collision

There have been calls for a police crackdown on motorcyclists who break the law, after a fatal accident Sunday at Ravine Chabot.

Brad Fatal, 35, lost his life when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a Coaster.

Brad Fatal – Deceased

The pillion rider sustained multiple injuries and is currently hospitalised.

Both were not wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

“I would agree that we have an issue,” says Terroll Compton, the President of the Saint Lucia Moto X Club.

He told St Lucia Times that of late, this country has recorded more incidents on the road involving motorcyclists.

“Yes, there needs to be some type of intervention – it needs to be seriously looked at to curb what’s happening,” Compton declared.

The President of the Saint Lucia Moto X Club observed that accidents cost the society as well as affected families.

“For some reason a lot of motorcyclists feel they should not wear helmets because it makes them feel free, but the issue of not wearing a helmet is one aspect of it for safety reasons, but there is also the issue of how you conduct yourself,” Compton explained.

“Even if you have a helmet and you are behaving in a crazy manner, you are showing no regard for life – yours or the person behind you or the motorists who might find themselves in an accident where they can no longer provide for their family because it’s a taxi driver; the driver of a minibus,” he stated.

Compton said in some instances a driver may have to ‘ditch’ a vehicle to avoid a collision with a motorcycle, while the rider may simply continue on his way.

He acknowledged that a motorcycle may make life easy in terms of getting to and from a destination in heavy traffic.

But Compton noted that how a motorcyclist rides to that destination is important.

He said motorcyclists need to consider other road users.

According to the Police Traffic Department, five persons have died so far as a result of road accidents in Saint Lucia.




  1. If the police can charge 70 year old citizens for driving around the William peter boulevard without wearing a seat belt, then why the hell do they allow these a****** motorcyclists to ride around the country without helmets.

    • These old people causing accidents too…they dont even know where the road markings are..

  2. Crack down on every motorcycles police and all its a disgrace to see how these guys behaving on the road.when the police want to do nonsense he put his sirine on and off he goes going no do nothing.

  3. Helmet is just one factor; there are thousands of others. our riders are living dangerously, so…..!

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