Crime Chief condemns alleged rapes in City

Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge Of Crime Management, Milton Desir, today condemned the alleged rape of two teenage girls at the Derek Walcott Square on Friday.

Addressing a news conference this morning, Desir pledged to maximize the use of police resources in an attempt to apprehend the alleged perpetrators and bring them to justice.

β€œIt is sad and unacceptable for citizens and in particular young persons, to be preyed upon while they enjoy the ambiance of their homes, landmarks, beaches and other public places,” the Crime Chief told the news conference.

He asserted that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has taken steps and will continue to take steps to ensure the safety of citizens and to bring perpetrators to justice.

Desir disclosed that earlier this year the RSLPF had sent some samples abroad for forensic testing in connection with serious crimes that were committed here.

β€œI am proud to inform you that most of these samples returned positive in identifying suspects,” he said.

According to Desir, eleven of the twelve samples were positive.

He revealed that in some instances, suspects were already before the courts.

But Desir explained that forensic evidence was needed to strengthen the case against those suspects.

He said in cases where the matters were not before the courts, suspects have been identified and will be arrested.