A twenty-four year old man from Babonneau has died after being stabbed multiple times on Friday, law enforcement sources have revealed.

The deceased has been identified as Miguel Geead, also known as Papo.

According to information, Babonneau police have arrested a male individual in connection with the death.

Eyewitnesses reported that  Geead was at Garrand, Babonneau with some friends when a man approached him and, without warning, began stabbing him multiple times.

The victim was rushed to Victoria Hospital where he died on Saturday.

It is reported that the deceased and the assailant had a history of bad blood between them.



  1. Another life has been taken senselessly. The murders continue unceasingly. What’s happening to mankind. Even the animals in the wild don’t kill as often as we do. The way things are going, the young black male is becoming an endangered species. In all our verbal confrontations, no matter how heated they become, murder should never become an option to solve any dispute.

  2. RIP papo. How is that picture of you they have deh. Stluciatimes always putting the worse pictures of victims up in an effort to negatively publicize the victims. That eh good enough Stluciatimes lets remember the young man is the victim. Cuz if was my fam dat pic going down asap Stop the defamation

    • I doh understand You! Not him the pose for his pic? Not him that dress himself? Not him that grow his hair? Somebody that push the weed in his mouth? Come on man….always trying say the victim was a good boy…always a damn good boy…but yet still they hanging with tough crowds and engaging in unlawful activity…like jusso a man just walked up to a good boy and stabbed him to death…smh…stop the hypocrisy! Call a spade a spade and stop sugar coating the reality…more than half of these types of murders are always instigated by people reacting to some form of dissension….stop the good boy story….his pic depicts him…what..so they shoulda put a church pic of him up? Smh…

      • My heart goes out to the family of this young man…no family member is ever ready for news of this nature…i really hope that the guy who did this receives the full foceofte law..you did the crime you have to do the time….sad

      • So true, every time these guys get the reward of their lifestyle the first thing you hear is he was a good boy, and st.Lucia time didn’t just put the pic deh, that is the pic that was given to them so bossman blame the people that gave the pic.

  3. I suppose is St Lucia Times that took the photo? The man post a picture of himself and they use it you upset? Well better yet if you feel is his church picture that should be posted plz submit it to the publisher.

    • Mr. Peter, I think you’re being insensitive. That photo only serves to further victimize the victim. Many people engage in a lot of folly during their youthful stage of life which they later regret, myself included (nothing unlawful though). This doesn’t give anyone the right to use it against them. Are you perfect? Have you lived an unblemished life? Choonks has a point. I don’t condone wrong but we must use discernment before we act. Let’s not further aggravate the excruciating emotional agony of the surviving relatives of the deceased. Have you no compassion?

      St. Lucia Times, you usually do a splendid job with your news items and I applaud you for this. However, in my opinion you erred by displaying that photo of the victim of a brutal and heinous crime.

      • This is so true that is not the only picture of him people just does make other look worst even when they are dead

  4. A man will not stab u just so dem lil fellas doing how much ting. …shortening their life

  5. We need to stop the wars in our country too many of our young people dying. Now u have two families in pain

    • That nigga always wanted to take somebodys life so he got what he preached hope he rots in jail

  6. All of urll is a bunch of fools. You all not god to judge anybody. Now and then is to different things…. And you’ll don’t know anything about de man … It shud of been ur relative that went like that… Lemme see wat and how urll would of feel… Set of jack ass lucians

    • Ok. So let me ask you; that was the only pic of him that was taken of him looking like that? Are most of his pictures totally contradictory to this one? You’re the biggest JACKASS!!!

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