Barbados police have confirmed that the Drug Squad is under investigation over missing drug money.

Barbados Today has reported that the confirmation of the probe came from Acting Assistant Commissioner responsible for Crime Management, Lybron Sobers.

Sobers told the publication that a number of police officers are under investigation.

Few details are available, but official sources have been quoted as saying that about $2.5 million in narco cash disappeared between March 5 and March 10 this year, Barbados Today said.

Sobers said he could not confirm the missing amount because he was still awaiting a report from the senior officer conducting the probe.

“I am waiting on a report [from] one of my officers. He is doing the investigation . . . but in my dealings I haven’t heard of that kind of money,” the senior policeman said of the sum.

The top crime sleuth also could not say when, where or from whom the money was confiscated, preferring to wait until the investigation was complete.


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