The relatives of the Agard homicide victims have asserted that both deceased were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Barry Leonce, 31,  and Miguel Charlery, 25, were gunned down by unidentified gunmen Monday afternoon in Agard.

Leonce’s sister told St Lucia Times in an interview that she believes her sibling was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And Miguel Charlery’s aunt echoed similar sentiments in relation to her deceased nephew.

The distraught aunt said Charlery had gone to look for his motorcycle at a garage in Carilee.

She explained that the deceased, whose mother is currently in Canada, was a loving boy.

However she observed that some people would say that once someone dies, everyone asserts that the person was good.

“But Miguel was a loving child. Miguel was a father to grownups, Miguel was a father to little children – he was a good child. Miguel was not getting himself in trouble or anything,” she declared, while fighting back tears.

The aunt said the deceased worked with her brother’s tyre service.

The aunt’s husband lamented that although the shooting happened in broad daylight, information regarding what transpired is not forthcoming.

He expressed the view that people do not want to talk.

“People are frightened to talk – they probably don’t want to expose themselves in any way,’ he told reporters.

The police have appealed to persons with information about the double homicide to come forward.

Two other persons were injured in Monday’s incident and are in hospital.




  1. The perpetrator(s) must be apprehended and locked safely away. This act, shooting indiscriminately in a crowd, shows a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life. Law enforcement is too reactive. Astute leadership is badly lacking at the top. The National Security Minister is literally and figuratively a DEAD WEIGHT. The entire population should demand his resignation. He offers no solutions to this monumental problem. He’s severely incompetent and a destructive demoralizing personality for the Police Force. Wake up people.

  2. I think the prime minister should discretely get the minister to bow out and pretend he did it on his own violation. I believe he’s either incompetent or he’s playing a deliberate roll to favor the opposition. That’s not the Hermangild I know.

  3. I wonder why stlucia playing like Jamaicans is that we have too much of Jamaicans back home you need to stand up and take back our country my people of Saint Lucia when you see some say some do not keep silent

  4. You all always quick to blame other for everything that happens in St Lucia when it’s your selves to be blamed.

  5. I am so tired of everytime the criminals slotter their own self the ignorant people always finding the government an the police responsible for it. None of them can never stop it because when we in our bed them same guys they calling innocent are killing an robbing an raping our people. Y’all need to stop them damn ignorance and that is why Rick Wayne called us a bunch of ignorant people an ashame to admit it, it was the truth

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