(AFP) – Canadian police said Thursday they have so far uncovered the remains of six people at a home in Toronto linked to an alleged serial killer.

Bruce McArthur, 66, was arrested last month for two murders and was later charged with three additional homicides after skeletal remains were found hidden in planters at a Toronto property the suspect, a landscaper, used for storage.

“I can now confirm we have recovered the remains of at least six individuals over the last week and a half,” lead investigator Sergeant Hank Idsinga said.

“And we have identified some of the body parts as belonging to one of the victims” that are known to police, he said. “Identification of the other remains is still ongoing.”

“I do anticipate more charges being laid,” he added.

Police are scouring more than 30 properties around the city where McArthur is known to have worked for more evidence, Idsinga said in January.

The frozen ground has hampered the investigation, as it is difficult to dig up lawns, Idsinga noted.

“We have identified some spots that we are interested in and have been heating that ground now for over a week. I’m led to believe it’s probably still not completely thawed,” he said.

McArthur had been under suspicion since September in connection with the disappearance of victim Andrew Kinsman, with whom he had been involved.

Police said the first remains to be identified on Thursday belonged to Kinsman.

Authorities are also reviewing missing persons cases dating back to at least 2010, and asking anyone who employed McArthur to do garden work to come forward.