An employee of the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) was arrested and charged for removing a human skull from a tomb at Choc cemetery, according to reports.

The alleged incident occurred on March 16, 2017.

The employee has been identified as Vincent Philomen, who is due to appear in court this morning.

Philomen is reported to have been arrested by Constable Yune Camchon of the City Constabulary.

The CCC employee is accused of having taken a skull from a tomb that was being excavated  to make room for more burials without a permit, contrary to Saint Lucia’s burial, exhumation and cremation laws.

Philomen  allegedly took the skull to his home in order to scare persons away, later throwing it into the sea.

If convicted, he faces a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment.



  1. Wow stupidity has gone wild. Hope imprisonment will teach him an important lesson. This guy will be tarnished for as long as he is alive. Unbelievable stupidity!!!

  2. Such a shame no respect for the dead. Well I should expect that because there is no respect for the living!

  3. Y u all tk he took the skull ? Is all their evils wicth crafts and voodoos they doing causing innocent bloods of our people to loose their lives putting us in all kinds of sorrows causing all kinds of crimes ,deaths craziness ,poverties ,stumbling blocks etc etc etc

  4. Y to scare ppl and throw it in the sea ? Cause he already put whoever names he want dead or miserable inside it before he drop it in the sea water .

  5. You had to be drunk to do something like that.This is why i say a whole lot in st.lucia antennas dont go all the way up.Their air conditioner to high and their head plate small.This human being actually took a skull home in his house.Satan is powerful,this man is out of marbles.Take him to the wellness center or Bellevue thats a mad man.He have an obsession with skulls,Out of mind. (Words deleted)

  6. This is the reason I say that a whole lot of people in St.Lucia antennas dont go all the way up.Their air conditioner to high and their head plate small.This human being actually took a skull home in his house with him,boy Satan powerful a strong mf.Take the man to the wellness center or Bellevue.He not well,poor thing.He love Skulls,he not in his right man.No person in their sound mind take a skull home.

    • After they take him to the wellness center, I hope that you’re next!

      He is very well in his head. No mental illness
      Stop pointing fingers you have 4 of them pointing back at you and your family. (Word deleted)

  7. Na hate news they can be so bias its OK that mention his name but not the one who pray on kids or the thieves killers or other criminals choops

  8. That skull never got thrown into the sea . It’s up gros Islet at the gadare (Words deleted)

  9. Jay one word for you he ain’t the first or the last , and before y’all can judge and have more in y’all closet he will be just fine ..

    Serious go get a good job today for he will not go to prison thank u .. (Word deleted)

    We got everything under control

  10. My St Lucian people this is serious, those of us who say we believe in God. Father St Rose came on television on the program Untold stories and said for all the world to hear that he is an exorcist and that he witnessed with his own eyes people transforming into animals.
    And the evil power of black magic. The priest will not lie? Then it is the truth? If we believe in God and Jesus and he cast out demons then we must take these seriously my people the priest told us so.

    • John doe
      you’ll believe in so much evil, instead of afraid of the living you’ll afraid of the dead, so he is taking advantage of you’ll ignorance.

  11. Respect for the dead since when does know anything thats happening in the grave? St.lucians lets get serious this is bunch of rubbish taking the man to court for what reasons…that makes no sense people..

    • St. Lucians are so quick to judge.
      How are you guys so informed about the obeah and evil that pertains to a skull head? It seems yall are practicing the wrong doings or yall families are involved !

      Check yall closets before yall check others.

  12. A whole lot of news to distract lucian of the real problems. How many young people were put on the bread line. How many party hacks got jobs. Electricity workers striking all kind of happening and you talking about skull. Check V/Fort where they dumping all the skulls and bones by the sea to make way for fresh corps. (Words deleted)

    • With all the expose skulls at vigie…this more sounds like office row row…than any criminal case….try catching the people that calling the bomb scares….n deal with the real issues…a whole bunch of crap…

  13. Skull thrown into the sea is to complete the job. He knows exactly what he did to and with it. He has been caught at last.

    • How you know that aunty/uncle?
      Do you have any affiliations with evil that you know what the completed job comprises of. Nonsense

      stop commenting ridiculous things St. Lucians

  14. With all the expose skulls at vigie…this more sounds like office row row…than any criminal cast….try catching the people that calling the bomb scares….

    • Tell me about it.. office rowrow when they don’t like you they will find anything to say .. his infront theirs behind .. who laugh last laugh the best .. he will be more than okay he on his way out where as they just started working let’s see who will have jobs before the year end

  15. O o now that human skull will on longer rest in peace he have bought it back to the cemetery o boy he needs to respect the dead

    • Since you know it’s no longer at peace , do it ever cross your mind what they do with the skeletons to make space .. don’t be bias .. WE DONT EVEN RESPECT THE LIVING MOST OF THE TIME .. so what’s the big deal

  16. Just when I thought that I’ve heard it all, some new “low” surfaces.
    St. Lucian’s won’t only steal from the living, they’ll steal from the dead.
    I hope that skull comes back to bite this idiot .
    FYI: did you people all know that the Bay Gardens Resort is built on a graveyard? Now you know!
    (Words deleted)

    • And I hope plenty skulls are sent at you .. fool.. it ain’t bitting him at all .. he’s fully OKAY GET THAT

  17. Really tht poisonous.and that what he tke it to do .
    Ok so now give him both charge him and send him to jail.
    Tht a stupid thing to do.?

  18. Sno can put this person full name but when it was the rape case with the news reporter it was confidential

  19. Respect for the dead …. the person die already …… ki respect? …. say respect for the family of the deceased…. but that’s so stupid of you sir … who does that?

    • So because someone works CCC they doing have money .. don’t be fooled .. whatever they ask of him he has it …

  20. Ok now seriously…. Are u aware that the CCC is digging out the graves of hundreds ​of people and relocating them without the families knowledge? Do you also know that the digging is being done by an excavator? This means that no regard is paid to the dead resting in peace. Why must the dead be disturbed just to construct tombs? Even in death the underprivileged are disrespected and disregarded. It was also brought to my attention that the man was charged with exhuming remains was wrongfully accused on that count because when the excavator dug the graves the dirt with bones and pieces of the coffin are put in a pile on the side until they ready to drop them in a hole unsure of who is who. That is why the man was able to take the skull. Our loving Mayor of Castries knows all this is happening, yet they made it seem like it was the man who dug up the graves

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