A post mortem examination of the body of Nereus ‘Cosol’ Francis Thursday, has determined that he sustained gunshot injury to the chest.

The cause of death was listed as ‘bilateral hemothoraces secondary to gunshot wound to the chest, with injuries to the right and left lung.’

Francis, 51, of La Retraite, Gros Islet, and originally of La Guerre, Babonneau, died on Monday.

A police statement said that Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station proceeded to the La Feuillet, Gros Islet Road, about 10:40 p.m.  and discovered his body beneath his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado registration number TX 825.

Francis was later pronounced dead at the Victoria Hospital by a medical practitioner.

Police sources had told St Lucia Times that spent shells were found near the vehicle that was driven by the deceased.

That led to speculation that he was fired at by unidentified individuals resulting in him losing control of the vehicle.

Albert Francis, a brother of the deceased, told St Lucia Times that he knows of no reason why anyone would have wanted to harm ‘Cosol’.

“I just don’t know why they kill my brother. I just want justice,” the brother stated.




  1. Sigh… speechless… can’t think of a reason why someone would do that to a person like narusse…Then come to think of it Jesus christ was harmless, sinless and spotless yet they found reasons to crucify him. This world is evil.. the devil is raging and so are his angels… May his sweet spirit rest in peace.

  2. My husband and I are very saddened to hear this news…. It was only a few months ago we saw him again on his famous Cosul Tour…. we loved that tour so much and have spread word about him all over the cruise sights for years now…He was a truly lovely man and we shall miss him next time….Yes we will tour with Cosul Tours again but it will now be saddened as we know we will never see his beautiful smiley face. R I P …..Now I hope his murderer will be found quickly .

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