homicide police tape
homicide police tape

A shooting in Dennery Wednesday night left one man dead and another nursing gunshot wounds in hospital, police say.

The shooting occurred at Austin Hill, Derniere Riviere at around 8:20pm, police say.

The dead man has been identified by law enforcement as 37 year old Elisheus Swanson.

Swanson was seated near a tree when he was shot in the chest area, law enforcement sources tell St Lucia Times.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear.

Another man was also injured in the incident.

40-year old Desir Jeremy was transported to Victoria Hospital with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder, according to emergency officials. His condition is unknown.

No arrests have been made in this case. Police investigations are continuing.


  1. St. Lucians are becoming numb to homicides. This is very disconcerting. If there isn’t any expression of outrage after these shootings then the country is in serious trouble.

    • seriously dude? do every murder get sloved in the mighty US? is thers a zero crime strategy in mighty US?

  2. Redmealybud, your response to my comments is completely baffling. Have you lost your sanity? I did not comment about any solution to murder cases even though that’s a monumental issue. I think your comprehension skills are severely limited.

    • The ignorance i tell u. Next time speak in lay man terms, maybe he will understand. We are too small of an island to have all these crimes.

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