A distraught wife wants justice after a masked criminal attacked her husband Friday morning at La Clery.

Theresa Clerice told the Times that her husband, Gregor Clerice, aka ‘ Mr. Guh Guh’, was attacked in the wee hours of the morning near the La Clery Health Centre.

Gregor Clerice

Mrs. Clerice recalled that she had warned her husband not to venture out when he announced that he was going to  leave home at about 4:30 am to wait outside the Health Centre until it opened, in order to get an early appointment to see a doctor.

The distraught wife recalled that shortly after leaving, her husband used his mobile telephone to tell her that he had been attacked by a masked man wielding a a cutlass.

Mrs. Clerice  said her husband disclosed that while he was waiting the assailant rushed on him and demanded that he ‘pass it.’

According to her, Mr. Clerice, who is a well-known resident of La Clery, explained to the masked man that he had no money, because he had left his wallet at home.

Mrs. Clerice told the Times that upon hearing that her husband had no cash, the bandit demanded that Mr. Clerice had over a wrist watch he was wearing.

The bandit later chopped Mr. Clerice on the arm before escaping.

The victim, who is in his seventies, was taken to hospital.

“The person will pay,” Mrs. Clerice said of the individual who attacked her husband.

She declared that she was leaving matters in the hands of God.

The distraught wife explained that her husband’s wound will take some time to heal.

However she admitted that the situation could have been much worse.

“I feel bad but this morning God take care of me since this morning I did not fall – God was with me. If God was not with me and my children were not praying for me, maybe they would find me dead there already,” Mrs. Clerice said, while fighting back tears.