A longtime friend of Wilton’s Yard shooting victim, Stephen Francis, alias ‘Face’, has described the deceased as a person of ‘good character’.

“I have known Face for over twenty years and he is somebody that always had a good character – somebody who is always preaching positive, especially in a place like here, the Graveyard, making sure that people do better things with their lives,” the friend disclosed.

The friend said the deceased tried to bring happiness to everyone in the community where he lived.

“It is a very sad moment to see that these sorts of people who are trying to keep things together, they are the ones being taken away from us.”

“They are the ones trying to keep order in the chaos and trying to show love and change the hearts and the minds of people in here. So he is somebody who will be greatly missed,” the friend, who requested anonymity stated.

Stephen Francis was gunned down Sunday night in Wilton’s Yard about 7.30 pm.




  1. Indeed he had a good character. He was very polite too. I was shocked when I heard he was the one who got killed.

    • If the two are in fact related and assumption is made Agard killings were reprisals i.e. others took revenge for his death, how does that take away from his character? Is he responsible for the actions ofbothers? Did he asked to be revenged?
      Please stop articulating your ingnorance.

      • Well said Empress77!..an acehole will always remain an acehole.face was a mature man who would talk the youth in violence does not pay and you can tell in the way he preserved himself…alot of ppl who didn’t know him never heard of him until his untimely violent death…he was a peacemaker though he wud defend his own as wud any human instinctively….rest in peace mi bredda.

      • You’ll always speak out don’t you. Last week, my motorcyle was stolen. I’m sure the thieves are from cedars. But there was no shootings immediately following that theft. Don’t need even half a brain to figure out why there are reprisals of such a manner when certain characters die.

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