Martinique recorded 10 homicides so far for the year with the shooting death on Sunday of a Saint Lucian man, local news reports say.

Saint Lucian Marlon Orlando Hazlewood, 35, alias ‘Cockie’ is reported to have been at a party when he received a telephone call and went outside, apparently to hear the caller more clearly.

His mother, Margaret Duncan, said her son was shot five times and succumbed to his injuries.

She disclosed that she got the news of the death on Sunday morning.

Law enforcement officers in Martinique are yet to make an arrest in the shooting death of Hazlewood, who had served time in the French overseas territory.

The family of the deceased have told reporters that they were making plans to fly the body home.

Ironically, Hazlewood’s mother told reporters that her son had been planning to return home within the next two weeks when he was gunned down.