Margella Eugene, the mother of deceased shooting victim, Vibert Eugene, has told reporters that her son was a quiet boy who had no trouble with anyone.

However she told reporters because of ‘what’s going on’ she warned him to be careful.

The 23 year old was shot in Wilton’s Yard Wednesday afternoon and died at Victoria Hospital about 8:00 pm, according to the police.

Margella Eugene recalled that she last saw the deceased on Tuesday.

“He slept by me and then – it’s not far from me that he lives. He went by his girlfriend. He was by his girlfriend and every morning he does come and feed his birds. He stay there, he cool out, then he go by his friends,” the mother said.

She explained that Wednesday morning when she left home about 4:00 am, her son was not there.

“But I always calling them – I always checking on them. While in my house I pray. I covering them with the blood of Jesus.”

Margella Eugene disclosed that she called her son on Wednesday.

“I tell him he knows what’s going on, just be careful and stay home.”

She said that when she returned home she heard two gunshots.

The mother said she later learned that her son, who was father to a 1-year old son, had been shot.

She described the young man as a quiet individual who is always on his ‘own vibes’ with his friends.

“He always have his little boy with him on the road and I always telling him that’s not a good place to stay, especially at the end there.”

“The way I understand it, he was sleeping and when he get up he hear his friends talking about football. He went next side by the neighbours and he sit down on a chair watching at football,” the mother noted.



  1. thats always the case smh, quiet and never have trouble with anyone… ok miss, he’s your son so you defend him no matter what but other people like me no otherwise.

      • if anyone is a fool its you for that comment… thats your friend, your buddy your pal so you will always defend but were you there when he was robbing residents while walking to town or walking to their homes an has to pass by grave yard or by the post office? NO! further more my back yard is very clean, check for yours cause and check for your glass house as well.. 🙂

  2. There is a difference between being quiet (reserved) & loud. Not all these youths in the ghetto are violent. They do things that re wrong being involved in gun violence. the deceased was indeed into that world no doubt about it,but that does not mean he wasn’t somebody’s son. Please stop judging & berating parents who are grieving have some human decency to just say accept my sympathy & shut up..

  3. RIP Vibert (if u live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Let the man with no sin cast the first stone) Hey was indeed a very quiet and humble young man so having multiple tattoos don’t make him a criminal. People need to stop being judgmental

  4. Why when someone dies through gun violence people of the worse thing to say about them or their family. No one have the right to end someone live and it doesn’t matter if the hang with the wrong crowd or good crowd. Stop pointing fingers at the deceased person if it happens to your family member you will want to defend them. Stop the nonsense your’ll people doing and saying. BS

  5. Mother…maybe you’re right about him but remember people get hit because of the company they keep.i believe you my lady.

  6. Mommy i sure you know the say show me your friends and ill tell you who you be, thats why you was warning him.thanks for the good laugh he was a good boy.tbe shooter is a good boy too,accept my sympathy.

  7. Smh lucians always know somebody or what they doing I went to school with this young man an indeed he was always humble and quiet don’t judge ppl on their outter appearance yes he has tattoos so what yes he had friends doing stuff that doesn’t mean he was one of them you only feels it when it knocks or land on your door step regards give strength to the mother words can damage ppl stop and let’s live together the ones judgin make the difference man rip bro gone to soon your words to me was always be wise in life

  8. Dasheens need to fly after youll stop judging the ppl if he was robbing ppl youll should have giving him a job mothers will always feel hurt. The life of a ghetto is different but these ppl are some of the nicest people ive met. I dont know your soon miss but RIP take it easy let the father judge him.

    • Sandra u sound like one of those useless mothers to thugs who should have been aborted. “Give him a job” to do what? The only job he can do is donate his organs to a more worthy human.

  9. From time you and your friends liming on block and all yall want to do is stay on the block whole day messing round and doing jack shit only to move from the block to rob and kill people then you are a worthless scum of the earth period. I feel for the mother and his friends but all of them made him what he was and are responsible for his death. Yall like the teef goods, the stories of all who got jacked and shot acting like that’s the glam life and nothing can’t happen to my son or my friend. Wake the hell up it’s just a matter of time before shit is done unto you and nobody cares much about the scum because everybody is tired of them. Too late shall be the cry and that’s just what it is too late.You have a one year old son man get your ass of the bed and find work to feed your yute. But no I sleeping during the day, liming on block, feeding birds and all that shit instead of being a responsible adult. Don’t you know what does happen to all mun that follow that life? It’s either jail or the cemetery and trust me the cemetery taking most of yall because witnesses too scared to give evidence against yall. So today is his tomorrow is someone else who’s in that same game of life. Now wake up and stop bashing people who are speaking the truth. Even better go out and find work and pray to God one of yall many victims eh roll anytime soon.

  10. I do not know the young man but by watching his FB i can judge he seemed pretty quiet and humble…just one foto and a hand few of friends…even in the foto he has no excitment but in a deep meditation…talking about tattoos i think it’s just a generation of clueless ppl who dont even know why they put tatts…on that note i notice most young girls are branded in tattoo,are they also judge and consider being criminals…RIP young man for your duty on earth is over,now for u to fulfill your part in zion……go fly with the angels cause what ever the wickeed sow for it they shall rip.

  11. Its not until you are walking the streets on a dark night and a lil ni*#a like this one puts a knife to your belly and says “pass it”, only at that moment do you wish that he was shot dead like a sick dog.

  12. I dont know his story, but we should stop judging. being a thief should not mean that he should be killed. we need some real social programmes in st lucia to help the youth. and parents need to be parents.

  13. I’m not going to argue with some of urll senseless ******** becuz the decease and i grow up together. cuz he got dem tattoo’s from since in his younger days we all got tattoo’s it was the thing for us in those days. Now it’s like ppl like urll dat make it so hard for us young males coming out from the ghetto dat always quick to pass judgement, stereotyping and all sort of *******. Like becuz i hv tattoo’s i’m a criminal or i cannot get a job becuz i made a mistake in my pass and got inked up . Alot of kids dat shoot up schools and hang them selves and do all sorts of ******* don’t come from the ghetto or never gotten a tattoo they are ppl like urll who quick to pass judgement kids. R.I.P my blood you will surely be missed by your friends, family and loved ones.

  14. Self evaluation is required, you live by the gun, you die by the gun. Your lifestyle will determine your exit.

  15. I was raised in the grave ward from all observations most of his also died from bullets shots ,the like of Reds and scon by the police due to robbery, shooting allegedly. So all indication something isn’t right about his mom statement. I’m not being judgmental, I have left the area and become a grown man with family knowing I grew up with those guys.

  16. Tear drop tattoo
    The tear drop a person gets while in prison is a sign of humiliation, and a sign that he was raped. The tear drop also shows to his family that he became someone elses “bitch”
    Made famous by Johnny Depp’s character in the movie Crybaby. It is a tattoo of a teardrop below one’s eye on either side. Originally placed in prison to signify that the bearer was owned by a fellow prisoner. In prison terms “there bitch.” The tear drop signifies that pain and humiliation one would feel after being “turned out” in prison. The tattoo is placed on the face to further humiliate the victim and mark them in a place where they could not cover the mark.

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