The National Security Minister, Senator Hermangild Francis says St Lucia is facing an unprecedented crime wave.

Minister Francis was speaking Friday at a promotion ceremony for officers of the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

Francis told the newly promoted lawmen they must take their jobs seriously because the public wants the police to “take care of that crime situation.”

His statements come against the backdrop of mounting violent crime in St Lucia with approximately 29 homicides recorded on the island so far this year. The majority of the victims are men.

By comparison, St Lucia recorded 31 homicides for the whole of 2016.

“At this time in our history, we have seen an unprecedented crime wave hitting our country,” Francis said. “The public wants the police to take care of that crime situation. We know and I have defended the police force. And I have said that I know for a fact that you are doing your very best within the confines of what you have available to you,” he stated.

Francis said the police force has been neglected over the last few years and police stations are dilapidated with limited training opportunities for officers.

However, he reminded the officers that with their promotion comes increased responsibility therefore more is expected from them.

“Today is a day of celebration for those who are getting promoted so I don’t want to steal your thunder. I just want to tell you that enjoy your promotion for today but when you go back to work tomorrow you must recognize that you have to work extremely hard,” Francis added.


  1. Promotion ceremony my foot. I eh see nothing Dem officers doing to be getting promo. Unprecedented crime wave in progress with no end in sight and y’all deh getting promo. The god Damm work not getting done rslpf no promo yet deal with the situation first

  2. U are such an idiot. U said that the police force has been neglected and the police stations are dilapidated wit limited training opportunities. Now u have not said what u will do or how u will curb the situation. It’s only talk and talk and nothing is being done. I would want u to take a break in politics and see after ur health and ur wife health also. That would be better for u. Cause u looking old man.

  3. Youll lucians …. SMDH

    May God be with us all!! Damn if you do damn if you dont.. black people I think cursed…. SMH

  4. You cannot do the same thing and expect a different outcome. Promotion alone won’t suffice. Ongoing training, adequate resources, community policing, more foot and mobile patrols, vigorous vetting of new recruits, all these are needed if we are to experience a serious dent in criminal activities. We haven’t heard about any strategic plans nor feasible solutions to overcome this serious predicament the country faces every day and night. The Minister’s brief address was anemic at best.

  5. promotion base on friendship and not hard work….why do some of us work so hard and get nothing in return…..demotivated Police Officer …

  6. Lol, oh really? But your boss Allen Chastanet did politicized crime. Lol. He did say that Kenny cannot solve di Krime problem, but he can. Lol. You liars will learn to be honest with the people.

  7. Mr minister promotion for the ass kissers?why not promote those whom deserves it.the honest and hard working police men/women.but instead you’ll promote friends and those who kneel to you’ll foolishness.chewps this news make no sense to me a waste of my time and energy

  8. ikr they ban hypocrite Massa Allen politicized crime now the shoe is on the other foot you all crying bloody Mary.

  9. It seems to me crime increased after selling citizenship. Perhaps the new citizens are bringing the guns and chaos, no?

  10. I read all your comments but everyone of you concerned hyprocretes are afraid of your own shadows. If you are so afraid that you cannot put your name next to the comment you are making shut up and let those who live with no fear speak up. Unless you come to the realization that you have to stand up to a few stupid and ignorant thugs your crime wave will get worse. You can either tolerate it or do something about it. (Words deleted)

    • Cyril, in the first place, I hope this is your real name. In the second place, those of us who “hide” our identities are doing so, not because we are afraid of anybody, but because we want to make a point for public consumption. What do I mean by this ? Well, if I am a well known person in society and I make a comment that some people don’t like or don’t agree with, these people will retaliate on a personal level and tell you everything they either know for a fact about me, or that they have heard about me, true or false. In the meantime, the point of my comment will be missed and the thrust of my argument will be overlooked, while my detractors have a field day giving me “mepris”. So it is sometimes necessary to “hide” one’s name in order to make a point that may well generate “roro” but not at a personal level. I don’t know what standing you have in this society, but trust me, it is sometimes necessary to stay in the background. The personal “Argo” is not worth it.

  11. Only now you talking? What are you going to do about the crime wave Mr Minster? Promotion will not solve the problems. The police officers are more corrupt than anything else.

  12. who more corrupt that you,yall always dere to call officers corrupt…. Congrats to all the officers who got promoted. (Words deleted)

  13. It is a shame that so many people are suspicious of the police today. The truth is, people have a right to be suspicious. What we need now is a complete overhaul of the Police Service and a return of the authority for staffing matters involving discipline, to the Police High Command. As long as such matters remain in the purview of the Public Service Commission, the Police Service will continue to function like any ordinary department of Government. And I insist that the Police Service IS NOT an ordinary department of Government, and should not be treated as such. The Police Service is a special agency with responsibility for leading the way in legal matters. So let us return authority for discipline to the Police High Command, to begin with.

  14. Hang hard head criminal stop setting criminal who repeat crimes and are a danger to the country out, Exale them I know who the criminals are don’t the cops. why are u all letting them out of jail those pig will not change the devil change not, the main problem areas are from the youth who have no respect for anyone or anything stop letting them out its time the system does something fast or soon the power that be won’t be safe in they own yard or communities, the youth hungry, not work and u a danger to others u belong behind bars I am will to pay tax to enjoy peace and a peace of mind knowing I don’t need to carry a knife to comfort and protect myself every where even to the beach

  15. Uh Huh. Chas said he can solve it. You have not spoken to him. The tro of you need a weekend retreat to get what he has in his head. Get it fast before it evaporates. We need his solution implemented now

  16. Saint Lucia must have an unprecedented crime wave because while the criminals are having a field day, police officers are busy trying to buy or manufacture evidence to arrest and change task force officers. Sure the public is not aware there is a another investigation going on because impacs is not worth the paper it’s written on.

  17. Unprecedented but expected.
    Ever wondered why they have the same problems in the African American communities in Chicago, Baltimore, New Your, New Jersey?
    Or the same problems in Kingston or Port of Spain or Georgetown?
    Because our black cultures have been corrupted by American liberalism. We care more about a minority of homosexuals than a majority of people affected by broken families or weed smoking.
    Chastanet as usual got it wrong. He said it is crime. Sorry Chastanet but crime is a symptom not a reason.
    But you let Ubaldus off the hook and you are doing nothing to strengthen decency in St. Lucia or Christian values. just another Kenny in disguise.

  18. Mr. Minister I am not blaming you since you are relatively new. However the big and important question which has been repeatedly dodged with a lot of mamaguism over the many years and which requires an honest response is: Does the Ministry of National Security and the Police Force actually have a serious national anti crime strategy and action plan. Is it documented anywhere so it can be referred to.

    I am not referring to piecemeal, knee jerk and spontaneous responses to crime surges that we have been getting. These are very now for now and short term. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

  19. But wait the article is about Police promotions but the title is “National Security Minister says unprecedented crime wave hitting St Lucia”

    Can anyone not see that the two don’t go hand in hand!

    You could have delayed the promotions to when the unprecedented crime wave has flattened a bit.

    You could have also elaborated on how and what you’re going to do to turn the neglect of the Police Force around.

    Finally go and check your brother Claudius for some grammar lessons.

    How can you address a congregation in real time about a present issue and come out with “At this time in our history,…”

  20. Wow Kenny turn moo moo, they kick him out of office, yet the level of crime is at its peak, never experienced it so. Who is now to be blamed. A bunch of fools leading the country, bleeding the economy, setting up our friends in society who played their cards wrong over the years and oppressing the poor. Shameless, I now understand why Kenny did not give you the position because of his foresight and saw your incompetence. As you said before policy and strategy is that of the commissioner. Where is your input, don’t worry your colours are slowly showing.

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