Muzzle and front sight of a 9mm pistol

One man is dead and at least two others injured as a result of a shooting at Gros Islet in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a law enforcement official has confirmed.

The official told St Lucia Times that the two persons who were injured were fired at by a shooter who discharged a firearm in the crowd and  fled the scene during the Gros Islet J’Ouvert.

According to reports, police officers on the scene gave chase and the shooter was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the law enforcement officers.


  1. I hate carnival…the young man look like he was dressed for a mission..all in black,he couldnt have stayed home because lots of undesirable women would be shaking their stunks in the street…a bullet should really strike one in the middle of their tou cou xoon…as if they havent had enough of the castries satan ritual…..well there we go,blood must drink like it or not.

  2. Condolences to the family of the deceased. I hope the two injured persons will survived and make a full recovery. Commendation to the police officers for their alertness and courage. This spate of shootings unfortunately has become a norm. Chastanet use your bully pulping to speak out against this frightening phenomenon and back it up with unrelenting actions. Why do you speak so often and eloquently about tourism development but so deafening silent about crime? Very puzzling indeed!

  3. Don’t Be Too Surprised Of What’s Happening Because That’s Just The Beginning. This World Has Become Really a Chaos. All I Know GOD Is In CONTROL And That’s Why I’m Not Trouble Nor Worry,Because The God Of Abraham,Issac,Jacob,Elijah,Jonah,Moses,Noah And Jeremiah Is Also Our God. For We Were All Created In His Image And Likeness. So I Have No Need To Fear Or Be Afraid When Our Lord God Almighty Is More Than Able To Take Of Anyone Who Trust And Believe In Him. Our Father Lord God Almighty Is No Respect Of No One. Whosoever Come Unto Him He’ll In No Wise Cast Out. God Will Do What He Say HellH Do. All There’s In Him Is Truth. He Has A Reason To Allowe All What’s Happening. You And I Just Need To Trust God And Follow His Instruction That’s It. It’s Better To Obey Than Sacrifice. If We Ask For Rain Then We Should be Able to Deal With The Mud. What We Sew Is What You And I Reap. Peace Be With You All Who Choose To Walk By Faith And Not By Sight.For Without Faith It’s Impossible To Please…. The FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

    • Dave the Donut says “Sylvo Vestre speaks with forked tongue and breath that smells of a dog that has just finished licking his backside”

    • These people are not evil they just didn’t get the rite people to bring them up to make them become young gentle men I fine the officer was on a shoot to kill vybe he could have shot him in the leg but I congratulate the grow islet police station .

      • Shoot in the leg?!?! Really?!?! It’s these very type of crooks that led us to the place where we had to implement Operation Restore Confidence. I say stamp out the scourge before there is a need to amputate a limb.

  4. That’s for the shot you come n k OCD in d dance pavee n terrorized people!,upsetting pig GOOD JOB OFFICER

  5. A Noni. Really. Your hating just be seriously jealous of the people whining up cuz yours sagging and holey and hook up. Evil hateful

  6. Carnival is evil, weather you like this saying or not.
    I Would like to commend our officers for making that very courageous move, which i call: (Dead or alive.) thanks to God you were able to gun down the gun man. I hope that the P.M. and MR; Francis is taking notes. Is time to take a bold stand like Mr. King. Bring back the ORC and the hang man. Forger about your visas man! COUNTRY 1st.

  7. You live by the gun you die by the gun. You telling me someone firing bullets in a crowd and he is being felt sorry for. What is really going on

  8. GREAT JOB OFFICERS! One less heartless homicidal sociopath to deal with and put people’s lives at risk. I beg you, please continue and take out the rest so innocent people can live in peace?!

  9. Carnival was once just a Castries thing. Now almost every district has theirs. Two days of dehydration and intoxication while you almost naked in public. Makes no sense to me.

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