Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has asserted that citizens should have admiration for the police as they continue to patrol the streets, in the knowledge that criminals may have high powered weapons in their possession.

He was responding to a question from a reporter Thursday on the subject, following reports that Sunday’s fatal shooting in Wilton’s Yard likely involved high calibre guns.

The PM said the weapons are smuggled into Saint Lucia from multiple sources.

Chastanet said the fact that officers are still patrolling the streets should tell people the admiration they should have for the law enforcers.

“If we all think that and know that, then supporting your police is very important,” he explained.

The Prime Minister asserted that there is need for a change of attitude in this country so that crime is not tolerated.

“It can’t be just about the government having no tolerance to crime. People must recognise that when you don’t  pass on information, then you are cooperating and participating in that crime,” he explained.

According to Chastanet, it was not an issue of feeling sorry for someone.

“This is undermining our overall society,” he declared.

He said his goal is to reach the point where Marchand and other places which are known as high crime areas are as safe as anywhere else.

But he said this would require the support of everyone.

“My role as a Prime Minister is to make sure that the resources and the laws are there  to help support quick justice and that is exactly what we are working on,” the PM explained.




    • As with any large organization there will be some bad apples. Most police officers are good people and put their own lives at risk to ensure the safety of the citizens. Imagine any country without a Police Force. That country would be ungovernable. Hating the police only allows crime to grow exponentially. The criminals rejoice and commit heinous crimes with impunity when they know that most members of the public hate the police and won’t cooperate with them. The silence of the public is giving comfort , courage and confidence to murderers and law-breakers. Stop hating on the police, it does no one any good.

      • A country without a police force is a country where citizens would have to defend themselves as opposed to reporting a crime after the fact. I would feel much better knowing I have the means to defend myself without having to wait for some lazy public servants to do so.

  1. bullsheet… help the police the criminals know who you are.. St. lucian police have too many friends on the street. who knows they are the ones allowing these guns in the country. its like life does not matter in St. lucia… on Monday 20 august 2018 four people were shot innocently leaving two dead, one in critical condition and one stable.. what for that …… huh….. what for that? nothing. all that will happen is time will pass and all is forgotten.. what is st. lucia becoming.. how can these yutes be our future with the road that they are already taking… its sad real sad. that a country which is so sweet have people doing so much damage.. alot of people might agree with me and alot wont, but wait till it hits your door…… THEN YOU WILL TRULY KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO LOOSE A LOVED ONE THROUGH THESE SENSELESS ACTS. i wish the politicians would see that as clearly as i do……..

  2. Mr. PM. is that your answer to the crime situation? Nearly 3 years ago you were preaching that you have the answer for almost, if not everything that’s wrong in Lucia,; you ask for a chance, and it is almost 30 months gone, still no solution found; our youths are getting more and more restless as you can see, they keep on slaughtering each other on our streets, not even giving the police the chance to apprehend the culprits, before they finish them out themselves ! Frankly speaking, i don’t think that you are ready to deal with it!.

    • @Zabo
      You have said a mouthful and is spot on. Politicians, when in opposition, have the solutions to all the problems in the country. Giving a chance to govern, one quickly realizes that the citizens were duped by their enticing rhetoric. The level of incompetence shown by this present administration is astounding. Crime, healthcare, unemployment, wages & salaries, the rising cost of living are huge problems which the government seems to have no solutions. It’s all talk and no action. They (UWP) have failed miserably to make a positive impact on the quality of life of most Lucians. One term only for any political party that fails to bring relief to the suffering people.

  3. Stop playing lip service to the police force,if you really admire them you would invest more money so they can do their jobs better

  4. There are very few police that are worth admiration. Those that deserve admiration receive it sadly, they never get promoted.

  5. Clueless PM now he will mention marchand and other places smh. You did not have to single out marchand it’s surely not the worse. Why don’t you have 24/7 patrols in known hot spots. The money you waste everywhere why not install CCTV all over the city and in known hot spots. Politicians get me sick.

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