The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is hoping to keep the number of recorded homicides for 2018 to under 25.

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has said that the new strategies and plans of the force have resulted in a lowering of the homicide rate so far this year.

“We are hoping that we will continue to keep it down and my aim is to keep it down to under 25 this year,” he told reporters Tuesday.

There have so far been 18 reported homicides for 2018.

Moncherry recalled that the detection rate for last year was some 52 percent which he described as “relatively good”, although it can improve.

In 2017, Saint Lucia Registered a record 60 Homicides.




  1. Severin don’t talk poop from your mouth,you cannot control peoples minds and behaviors with talk..this is a government issue by implementing stiffer penalties and money hungry lawyers going to extreme measures to defend clients even if they 100% guilty..i tell u the shitstem is evil.statistic is low not because urll have it under control but because the killers are killing out each other….can u imagine how many serial killers on this little islet call lucia.

  2. if the new strategies have been in place from the beginning of the year then lets look at the trajectory:-


    So that technically means you’re on course to over shot (no pun) your self imposed target.

    Polite tip Mr Commissioner it is EXTREMELY difficult for you put a figure on the number homicides when you can not control peoples way of thinking.

    Now that you’ve disclosed your self imposed target God forbid we en up having 35. You will be held accountable as to why your self imposed target was not met.

  3. Yes, and I am happy you’ll are saying TRY. But please try also to listen to the good Citizen of this country the ones that are still left. When we call that police please come ti assist. The so call bad boys disrespecting people on their on property and the police never want to come until something happens.The last we call the officers say it raining, they will come when the rain done,My word!!!

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