Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, responded in the affirmative Tuesday, when asked by a reporter whether a lack of public cooperation is a hindrance in dealing with a recent spike in vehicle thefts.

Moncherry reiterated that a special police  team, headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, has been assigned to handle the thefts.

But he explained that members of the public have to be informed that they must give information to the police.

“Most times when these vehicles are stolen, we get it very late and sometimes people would have information as to the location of these vehicles and we do not get the information,” Moncherry stated.

He urged members of the public to contact the police at the earliest, so that the law enforcers can work on the case.

“Lack of cooperation from the public is a great hindrance,” he noted.

The Police Chief also observed that members of the public need to put certain security measures in place to prevent thefts.

“Notwithstanding that we are to police everywhere, we may not be able to do that at the same time.”



  1. Excuses, excuses, excuses from an incompetent, unprofessional, unproductive police force. There was an article recently where the lady from Active Hill called the police and they never came. Now you are saying that people dont report right away. Too many excuses.

  2. Why don’t you police follow the bigger contries.like the USA.change the laws so you could set traps for these car thieves and lock them up when they take the bait.the us calls it bait car.its a car set up to allow the theives to steal the car and as they try to drive off with the vehicle the police would then lock them in the car and shut down the car.then they would get arrested.once that is done a few times and then the jail get full the thieves would think twice before they try to steal acar again.

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