Saint Lucia police have sounded a warning to the unwary against being lured by human traffickers.

The warning came from Inspector Lucius Lake of the Immigration Department, as various stakeholders participated in a two day workshop  here aimed at the identification, referral and protection of victims of human trafficking.

The workshop, which ended Wednesday, was sponsored by  the International Organization for Migration (IMO).

Inspector Lake  stated that though this country has no problem with human trafficking, it is vitally important to prepare.

“When the Lambirds Academy case started off we weren’t full prepared for it because of the exposure and training in trafficking in persons. The Police Force had some intervention, but not to the full extent. So this actually opened up and showed us where our deficiencies were and where we needed to be. This training is one of the parts of it which is going to make us ready to handle such situations if it comes through,” he explained.

Lake warned the public to be careful of the trickery used by human traffickers to lure their victims.

“My advice to persons out there, if it looks too good to be true, do your own double checking before you engage in it. There is no real brush which could be used to paint everybody in that regard. Have your guard on, be careful. Don’t be duped into it. Anybody can be trafficked, anybody at all,” he declared.



  1. Training should go hand in hand with legislature to support the implementation process. Otherwise, training would be in vain. I wonder what would be the angle the government would take on this. Am sitting on the fence watching on this one.

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