Saint Lucian Marlon Orlando Hazlewood, 35, alias ‘Cockie’ has been shot dead in neighbouring Martinique.

Margaret Duncan, the mother of the deceased, explained that according to information she received, Hazlewood was in a party when he received a telephone call and went outside, apparently to hear the caller more clearly.

She said that her son was shot five times and succumbed to his injuries.

Duncan said she got the news of the death on Sunday morning

The mother told reporters that Hazlewood used to hang out here with persons she considered to be bad associates.

(Margaret Duncan)

She recalled that after completing secondary school he went to Canada to study and after four years returned to Saint Lucia and started hanging out with some persons from Wilton’s Yard.

“At that time, being about eighteen, you choose your own friends – so he chose his friends that were liming in that place,” the mother said.

“Even if I would say to him :’I don’t like you going there’ – but at that time it was his choice, not mine, because he was at the age to make his own decisions.”

Duncan recalled that her son had been arrested here several times but was always released on the basis of insufficient evidence.

Nevertheless, she said her son was loved by many.

Duncan revealed that her son served time in prison in Martinique after being held with an undisclosed sum of money.

She said just two weeks ago, the deceased had informed her that he was planning to return to Saint Lucia.

The deceased had three children, including a son in Martinique, Duncan said.

She asserted in response to claims by some that the deceased was a criminal, that no one is perfect.

“I feel no way about that because people are people, you cannot stop people from thinking what they want,” Duncan declared.

She said the deceased is her son and she has nothing against him.

“While some are saying ‘Criminal’, they have people who are saying ‘Such a loving young man’,” Duncan explained, adding that “there is good and bad in all of us.”




  1. I don’t wish death on anyone…but this guy robbed my gold chain and phone about 10 yrs karma is a bitch

    • Sorry for the loss of your phone and gold chain. I didn’t know him, but mentioning karma for a life taken, after the alleged theft of your items seems a bit cold to me. Material stuff vs. a life taken. Not judging you, just my thoughts …

    • material stuff you can buy back. its wrong but still you can buy it back. a life is taken which cant be replaced but at the end of the day both is wrong

  2. Well I guess his criminal ways caught up with him. His guns, his drugs, his cash and his murders which he committed here and maybe over there was all he was about. He got a chance to escape the O.R.C here and also rival gangs who wanted his head but I guess he wasn’t smart enough to start a new life in Martinique and lay low. I agree with you mom he’s your son but you must admit that he was a criminal and a hitter calling shots for his friends and for himself because you heard of his name in the mouths of the streets. One of the Notorious Grave Yard Hitters. R.I.P may you find peace on the other side that you didn’t find here on earth.

  3. Live by the gun die by it hope dis serves as a reminder to young men crime don’t pay u always pay for what u do at sum point u bastard tiff the person chain and phone look u end up dieing like a frog

    • Duppy you don’t know who kill the man but pay back is a must. Go Martinique to meet your demise to. Idiot I can picture you in Martinique now. Who kill my “G”. Graveyard, D block man don’t play. Lol idiot go read a book.

  4. all the fellars dieing that life not paying ..wish the youth of today would take them fellars story and learn…#everybody on the hit list going one by one..R.I.P shady

  5. All sin is sin .. Whether u rob, steal kill.., doing zummy, sleeping with ppl married men, molesting ppl children .. Raping.. But if it’s urll family.. A blind eye is turned to it ! That t talking about he rob her. . Ur man maybe a “badman” U kno how he got the stuff ? Bitch karma is .. Don’t get it twisted !Stop judging ppl god alone can judge ppl he alone knows ppl heart.. Hearts out to the mothers who accept reality and don’t put up a front . Everybody have their own way of making ends meets ..Is either you’re in or u’re out .. No two ways about it.. So love wat u do and do wat u love.. Urll need to mind urll business & leave ppl alone

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