The US State Department 2018 report on Trafficking in Persons (TIP), has said that Saint Lucian children are among persons subjected to sex trafficking, while documented and undocumented migrants from the Caribbean and South Asia, including domestic workers, are vulnerable.

“Government officials, civil society, and educators reported Saint Lucian children from economically disadvantaged families are vulnerable to unorganized commercial sexual exploitation, often encouraged or forced by caretakers in exchange for goods or services,” the recently published document observed.

It stated that as reported over the past five years, Saint Lucia is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

According to the report, ‘local adolescents are the groups most vulnerable to trafficking.’

It stated that foreign women who work in strip clubs and in prostitution are also vulnerable to sex trafficking.

“NGOs report disadvantaged young women from rural areas are vulnerable to sex trafficking. According to the government, business owners from Saint Lucia, India, China, Cuba, and Russia, are the most likely trafficking perpetrators in the country,” the US report noted

It said civil society has also reported women, or in some cases older teenagers, recruiting younger adolescents to provide transactional sex with adults at street parties.

Nevertheless, the US State Department asserted in its mixed review, that the Saint Lucia government demonstrated increasing efforts aimed at addressing the problem compared to the previous reporting period and therefore remained on Tier 2.

Tier 2 includes governments that do not fully meet the minimum standards, but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards.

Tier 1 is the highest category.



  1. I always seem to want to take these so called reports with a certain degree of skepticism. Is it happening? Yes I definitely think so but to the extensive level being reported, I am not so convinced. Although it shouldn’t happen not even to a single individual. Anyway I am encouraged that the government appears to be serious in addressing such.

  2. How much is happening in the US? And didn’t they just walk away from the Human Rights council? You have no moral authority to dictate to anyone, not while you have that idiot pseduo dictator in charge.

  3. white people obsession with sex. the only sex trafficking happening here is when women from a disease infested island come to work here as prostitutes here spreading disease. we the local population dont go to bars and do that stuff, unless you are a salop that exercise your choice to do that. so this report from the US is BS!

  4. Naive you all are. Don’t you understand that sex trafficking is old married men interfering with young disadvantaged girls? That sex in exchange for groceries, phone credit, bills paid is what they are talking about? I can’t tell you how many young girls I see with these 40 and 50 year old men. You can’t tell me you don’t think this goes on here. You blind if you can’t see Ubaldus. This is not the movies, this is real life. There is no house with girls chained up being abused. The abuse is what we allow to happen right in front of our eyes. Its no joke when you see a young girl accepting gifts. You think she wants to be with that man. Men are taking advantage and we all act like that is just how it is and it is her choice to do so and his choice to spend his money as he pleases. Trust me, these girls are being taken advantage and that is abuse.

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