The victim of Sunday night’s shooting in Wilton’s Yard has died, law enforcement officials have reported.

The deceased has been identified as Stephen Francis, alias ‘Face’.

According to reports, he was shot about 7.30 pm Sunday night and taken to Victoria Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Nineteen homicides have so far been recorded for this year.

Just last week, Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry,  said that the new strategies and plans of the force had resulted in a lowering of the homicide rate so far this year.

“We are hoping that we will continue to keep it down and my aim is to keep it down to under 25 this year,” he told reporters last week.


  1. Didn’t realize that he is aiming for under 25, instead of saying more. I’m hoping to hear that each one will be solved.

  2. Thought he’d die of natural causes,but then again living in that area does shorten the life span.

    You know,come to think of it,does anyone in these communities have any type of ambition? I mean it’s like a cycle with man on the block with a bunch of “ti-negs” that migrated there from other territories with the mindset of committing nothing else but crime.Then a couple of them die here & there & yet still more of them keep on coming…It amazes me how people can live their life like this.

    • Emmett till DIDNT YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU THAT WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING MEANINGFUL TO SAY JUST SHUT UP smh, did u no him to no that he had no ambition , yall need to stop discriminating again ppl bcuz of where they live or choose to spend their free time. Some of them have ambition, good jobs and its bcuz of family or place of birth they grow up there, they dont jus decide to go and reside there .

  3. What a shame. A handsome young man shot down and for what????? It is not only in St. Lucia, there is crime all over the world. This must stop. It is every person’s personal duty to see that it does. Don’t blame others, do your part in keeping our island safe and productive. Clean up your area, make it look more respectable and look out for each other. God bless all of us and special prayers for the family and friends of this young man. May he rest in peace.

  4. My deepest and sincere condolences go out to the family of Face, you will be missed dearley by your children 2 of them I know personally. R.I.P my feiend.

  5. It is sad for a young man to depart in this manner. By the way is the Prime Minister sleeping? Wasn’t he the one who said Kenny could not do it but he will. What is he doing? We need to hear the plan.

  6. Heart-felt sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased. It’s obvious, people don’t value the sanctity of life anymore. Too many illegal guns and ammunition on the streets. Law enforcement needs to gather the necessary intelligence to stem the in-flow of these lethal instruments. Where are the voices of the PM, the National Security Minister, the business sector, the clergy, and the rest of civil society? Why don’t the PM and Minister Francis throw around their weight on this particular issue? They need to exit office for they are nothing but arrogant, incompetent bandits.

  7. So why stay in this area its like u live by it u died by it,the individual must want to change ,or do some thing ,stop thinking ghetto make some thing out of ur self by looking for a study job and stay in it,,,,please this is the only way it will stop,so sad with

  8. R.I.P…..what the PM have to do with that do we have enough policemen on the island…HELL NO…it’s like y’all want the police to sleep in them areas nobody knows when their times up.stop blaming Tom,Dick and Harry,do we have jobs some foolish people will say yes….how many Applications you have to send before someone call you sometime not even one call out of 10…you live your life where you can eat and sleep but at the same time you have to be smart about it.not by taking somebody else’s lives…..God be with you my friend

  9. Mr Commissioner, dreams are not the answer to crime, yes you dream under 25, OK. But you have done nothing to keep it like this. Are you sleeping, or you don’t have the power to do something? I Told you to bring back ORC; but all you took it for a joke!

  10. Why are the black youtes killing each other in the ghetto…. whiles the big capitalist crooks live the good life in Cap Estate,Rodney Bay and borne terre

  11. Yeh boy. All the killings and shootings you do in your life time catch up…
    you can survive all them years, they must catch you slippin one day

    • @konnie can u please say this openly in public and proclaim how gratified are you…i’d love to applaud you.

    • Exactly. Those criminals don’t just go up and shoot just anyone. They know who they going after. This guy was on that “list” of a few years back. He was there for a reason. All his positive talk doesn’t make up for a lifetime of crime. Karma always catches up. That should be a lesson to those thugs nowadays. You can never fool karma. You will pay for your crimes one way or the other.

  12. Mr commissioner need to watch his statement also the Minister. … Mr Moncherry should never mention figures. .. he nor the Minister have no plans for crime in st lucia… their only plan is lip service. …that crime symposium was just a gimmick … Ganja decriminalize. ..another gimmick ..whilst he is busy reporting a WPC for doing her job …flexing his muscle ..because he has WEIGHT as a Minister. .. sighhh Moncherry stick to the basics and stop talking like a politician. .you was once a good and top crime fighter ….

  13. Koonie why don’t you shut your ***** u bullar face was nothing but a good man and three animals that kill him going down I pray that they smell the dirt soon and we know is who

  14. I know him personally . Da man do nuff ting already in the 90s . But he cool out. U think is just so somebody will kill de man like that?

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