Thursday, November 14, 2019

Criminal Gangs Creating Challenges For BCF

Criminal gangs are creating challenges for the placement of inmates at Saint Lucia’s Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF), newly re-appointed Director of Corrections, Hilary Herman has disclosed.

Herman was responding to a reporter’s question regarding the procedure for addressing indiscipline by prisoners.

“Currently we have a problem with infrastructure,” he explained.

Herman told reporters at a news conference Tuesday morning that the prison was originally built with a segregation unit.

He said the segregation unit was then used for juveniles.

“It’s tough to manage it because you have to find areas to segregate – particularly as you know, we have a gang issue; so it’s hard to segregate,” the new prison boss stated.

“It is a management challenge to try to discipline and keep inmates segregated. It is a huge challenge and it is mine to take on and I will,” he told the news conference.

Herman disclosed that prisoners regularly get into fights.

Asked what happens in such a situation, he pointed out that the BCF has nine units.

Herman said when an inmate is admitted, it has to be determined whether that inmate belongs to any gangs.

“So the first thing you want to do to protect him – you want to make sure he is not assigned to an opposing gang unit, so we have to do the segregation at that time. We have to manage it and even when you manage it you create other problems in other units.”

The Director of Corrections described the situation as ‘a really big challenge’.



  1. Interesting indeed. The problems does not end at the Facility, it just escalates if not managed effectively. The overall Management Team must of necessity must be Qualified and trained Personnel to effectively manage this Facility. This is a new trend and we have new and emerging Criminals in our Society. The Management Team must of necessity be equally Trained to take on this Challenge. I rest my case.Good luck to them.

  2. Could it be part the problem is too many persons are sitting on remand at the BCF? I would voucher that the guilty and convicted be severely punished and dealt with but it would mean that our prison would be practically empty?

  3. I think there are too many on remand for too long and the justice system is failing some inmates are just frustrated not knowing what is happening to their court dates

  4. I believe you when y say , you are having problems. The juvinals have no business being among the harden criminals. These are children. They should be somewhere in the class room with professional managing them. Their place should be like a home not a prison. Some of these children have been murdered in your prison cell, by harden criminals. These people need a place where they can be rehabilated with grace and spiritual warfare. Another observation: Right now there are a lot of children out of school. Why no try and manage them before they themsves become another satistactics?

  5. Minister of national securety, are you in contact with mr. Hillary? Now”s about these rapeist? Are you prepared to castrate thamwELL THAT SHOULD BE THE PENALTY FOR A RAPEST. WHER ARE THE RIGHTS OF A WOM?AN? Miss Mary, now it’s your game; hope you will play it right!

  6. The facility was structured in a way to manage inmates but round pegs are placed in square holes and they remove security doors and changed units just because they felt like doing it that is the outcome. Where is the Assistant director Custodial who should know how to classify inmates is he or she sleeping?

  7. Why is the gallows in the front on the prison and never been used?
    Ofcourse there will be fights and disturbances because the place is over crowded. Do what must be done. Do the cases for those on remand.Hang those on death row..and also hang those who have just committed murder.Make an example out of them so the rest in society will see you mean business.Make use of the darn gallows..

  8. Juvinilles in 2014 were housed at hotel amongst other adult inmates contrary to the Constution and Correctional Service Act who was in charge.

    In 2014, 23% of the Residence slept on the floor which amount to cruel and degreding treatment. Against the consttution of St. Lucia and the Corrrctional Service act.

    In 2014 Cocain Marijuana and alcohol ware staple items at the prison I wonder who was in charge.

    Micheal Stephen vs the Attorney General where the couts found BCF culpable and fined the state more than 2 million dollars for the breach of the said inmates rights. I wonder who was in charge. Causing so much undue litigation on the Government and unwarrantted judgement against the government.

    But there is more to come I have all the hidden files and the book is not completed as yet. Let sleeping dogs rest.


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