Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Criminals Preying on Students In Castries

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A concerned mother has sounded a warning that criminals are preying on students in Castries.

Angelina Persaud’s son sustained ‘minor’ injuries when an assailant attacked him on Wednesday.

Persaud’s son is a student of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary school.

The assailant, who is reported to have had a knife, took the student’s mobile telephone.

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Persaud told HTS Evening News  that the young man attacked her son in Castries while her son was on his way to school.

She disclosed that the incident occurred in the vicinity of the bus stop where her son gets transportation to school.

The mother recalled that the assailant approached the student and told him to hand over his mobile telephone.

According to Persaud, there was an altercation.

Persaud said that as a result, her son sustained ‘minor’ injuries.

She said they included a slash on his arm and a few scratches and bruises on the side of his head, arm and abdomen.

Persaud said her son fell on a vehicle.

And the occupant came to his assistance, at which point the assailant ran off with the phone.

All photos courtesy HTS Evening News

“Thank God it wasn’t anything major,” the mother stated.

But she said her son was in shock, as a result of which the School Counsellor had reached out to him.

“He could have lost his life over a cell phone,” she asserted.

However, she disclosed that it was not the first such incident.

In this regard, she disclosed that about one hour before, another student became a victim.

However,  that student did not sustain any injuries, Persaud stated.

She explained that her son’s school disclosed that thieves were preying on students in downtown Castries and in the area around the school.

As a result, she has called for a greater police presence during the morning rush hour and in the afternoon in those places.

Persaud also suggested that the authorities relocate the bus stand where the students have to get transportation.

In addition, she urged parents and students to be on their guard.

And  she advised students to be aware of their surroundings, put away their mobile telephones and take off their headphones off so they could be more alert to what is going on around them.

Headline photo: Student shows slash mark

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