Crisis Centre seeing many rape victims

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The Saint Lucia Crisis Centre believes a “sex hype” may be contributing to the spate of rapes on the Island, resulting in many clients seeking the services of the institution.

“There seems to be a sex hype because even the media promote sex. There is a lot of porn – the music and everything,” Counsellor Faith St Catherine has said.

St Catherine acknowledged that sex has its place in relationships.

But she asserted that when young people are exposed to adult activity that is promoted through music and other means, the result is children who do not have a childhood.

The Saint Lucia Crisis Centre official said that the issue of rape is troubling.

She disclosed that as a Counsellor she sees a large percentage of clients who are raped.

St Catherine said the experience is troubling because the emotional scars of the victims remain for a long time, especially if the matter is not attended to.

She revealed that rape victims have issues of low self-esteem, depression and anger.

St Catherine observed that some of the affected persons cannot function properly because they feel they are lesser humans.

“I have had victims who have been referred to me because they cannot even look at people in the eyes,” the Crisis Centre Counsellor said.

She recalled the case of a young girl who was raped and referred by her employer, because the young victim would speak to no one at the work place, had no friends and could not make eye contact with customers.

St Catherine said when asked why, the young woman’s response was that every time she looked at someone, she felt they could see her shame.

“I am now seeing a lot of clients who cut themselves because the emotional pain is so much that they have to do something physical to themselves to deal with this,” the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre official explained.

She appealed to mothers and other relatives who know that their sons or male relations are engaging in activities that they should not and observe warning signs, to get them help.

“It is not just about protecting yourself. It is about being able to identify young men who have issues that make them rapists and are dealing with problems that make them attack women and do these things,” St Catherine said.

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