Cruise Ship Employee Rescues Passenger Who Jumps Overboard

Fox News:- A cruise ship member dove into the water to rescue a passenger who “chose, of her own will, to jump overboard” in Italy, MSC Cruises confirmed to Fox News.

The Irish woman, who has not been identified, reportedly jumped from the MSC Seaview cruise ship on Monday while it was at the Italian city of Genoa.

A cruise ship crew member saw the woman fall into the Mediterranean sea and immediately dove into the water and rescued her, the cruise company confirmed. The crew member, who is an experienced sailor, was able to save the woman “in minutes.”

The woman was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. The crew member was not injured.

In a statement to Fox News, MSC Cruises praised the crew member’s fast actions.

“MSC Cruises wishes to commend the crew member and shipboard teams that were involved in the salvage action and who acted in the quickest and most effective way, securing the safety of the concerned passenger,” the statement read.

“Also, we wish to thank the Coast Guard and local law enforcement for their support,” the spokesperson concluded.

The cruise continued its journey as scheduled and arrived in La Spezia the next morning.

Fox News contacted MSC Cruises for comment.


  1. Next time please proceed with caution.most of these persons plan their suicide and you generously helping and next thing you lose your life.

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