Cruiser In Quarantine ‘Did Not Arrive At IGY Rodney Bay Marina’

Press Release:- In light of the arrival of a cruiser who has been placed on medical quarantine; in keeping with the island’s national response protocols; whilst the necessary assessments are being undertaken (based on a press release from the Department of Health and Wellness- dated Feb 11, 2020) IGY Rodney Bay Marina would like to inform the general public that the aforementioned individual did not arrive at the IGY Rodney Bay Marina. 

 We reiterate our commitment to working alongside our on-site Port Health Office to proactively minimize any potential infiltration and impact of the novel coronavirus on our shores. 

 Finally, we remind everyone to keep abreast with the updates from trusted sources, mainly the Department of Health, and to adhere to hygiene practices previously issued by the Department of Health.