Crystal Balls Among ‘Witchcraft Paraphernalia’ Seized By Saint Lucia Police – Two People Charged

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On Monday the 12th of September 2022 a joint operation led by the Criminal Investigations Department in Castries with the assistance and support from the Central Police Station, General Duties and the Special Services Unit was conducted at Pearts Gap, Castries.
During the conduct of this operation officers proceeded to the residence of Natokie Anthony where a Warrant to Search for Firearms and Ammunition and Electronics was executed.
The search resulted in the recovery of the following items; one DJI phantom 4 pro plus drone, one SD Card, one Crowbar, one Note 9 cellular phone, and witchcraft paraphernalia including:
· Two crystal balls
· Ouija board
· Holy bible- Heritage Edition
· A Wiccan Bible
· Angle Witch Book
· Book of Shadows
On completion of the search Natokie Anthony and Amber Luann Altenor were taken into custody On the 15th of September 2022.
These two individuals were charged for being in possession of Prohibited Imports (Occult Paraphernalia) under No. 13 of Schedule 3 of Section 84 (1) and Section 118 of the Customs (Control and Management) Act Chapter 15.05 of the Revised Laws of St. Lucia 2014.
They were also charged for Unlawful Possession under Section 441 (1) of the Criminal Code of St. Lucia 2013.
They were taken to court earlier today and they were granted bail in the sum of $1000 each.
Signing conditions were also attached to their bail conditions and the matter was adjourned to the 14th of October 2022.
SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force/ SLT
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  1. @TB…..I could give you a perfectly logical and scientifically proven reason how humans got here…all proven scientifically but that would be too long to explain and it would exhaust this forum. But here is a start. Humanity started in Africa and after millions of years and through the process of evolution and migration became as diverse as we are today. In a nutshell.

      • @Uhhh

        Don’t be ridiculous. But i will tell you that Humans share 99% of it’s DNA with Chimpanzees. you may not like it but it’s a fact and the truth….so live with it …Therefore only 1% separate chimpanzees and humans making chimpanzees our closest evolutionary relatives…what people stupidly think is that a monkey evolved into a man….NO, NO, NO…A monkey did not turn into a man…what happened was that monkeys and Humans share a common ancestor….as that ancestor evolved, a brunch evolved into apes and a brunch evolved into humans. Think of the letter…. Y , apes evolved to the left brunch and humans evolved to the right brunch…but the stem if the Y is where the common ancestor links humans and apes…hence why we share 99% of our DNA with apes…..infact humans are still evolving…the thing is we don’t live long enough to see it ..but as we have offspring , and our offspring have offsprings for millions of years into the future they pass on that genetic information. So every living things is still evolving. But interestingly when the first variant of Covid infected the world, many variations of the first COVID virus mutated to create other kinds of COVID virus…..this in essence is a form evolution before our very eyes…if that COVID virus continues to mutate for millions of years into the future…and if we could live long enough to see it…that Covid virus a million years from now would look totally different from the Covid virus now… evolution and adaptation. If that doesn’t make sense then I can’t help those with issues of critical thinking.

      • True, I know about our DNA being 99% similar with chimps I don’t have a issue with that.
        The evolution story has never been comfirmed though, its still missing evidence.
        I’ve seen on TV bone fragments from that of the neanderthal the said to be pre historic human.

  2. No wonder Saint Lucia is in that mess…those who believe in hokery pokery and those that believe in the sky gods…. interesting enough that backwardness manifests itself in the poor level of literacy in St Lucia…. people who are educated and enlightened won’t base themselves to such depth of depravity….if the JuJu works I wonder why does the practitioners not make himself king and make all you ignorant fools bow at his feet.. therein lies St Lucia’s problem….it’s a bunch of backward necromancing believing people…

      • Au contraire Monsieur. Just passionate about my people whom I wish would wake up to a greater truth and reach their fullest potential. And to do that, they must put away those childish things. If Saint Lucians and by extension every Black person knew their history, they would see how great they are. And I am talking about history pre colonisation , pre slavery… How the minds of our people has been taught to think poorly hence the reason we are where we are. The Majority has not achieved self consciousness because they are brainwashed into believing nonsense. If someone comes up to you as say, Sir, I wish you to have a greater consciousness of yourself and point you to that which I believe will open your eyes to what you been blind, won’t you be curious to see for yourself what could potentially liberate you from a hidden reality? I am not soul-less Monsieur…I am passionate and you therefore should pry open that veil which shrouds your greatness which is before your very eyes but can’t see then thank me later.

  3. oh man , I’m pretty sure there is a connection with this chicken farm in Augier by the 357 disco, this person must be doing some really good job for the Indian man, every one in the area knows his dirty hands, that’s why the ministry is all tied up and cannot do a thing,

  4. D police taking dem same books and bringing it at der home.give d man his ting back volair!..natokie self eh if since d day u practicing ur vibe u eh see d police dem coming.u eh make dem books walk to come and meet you yet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 u weak man

  5. Natokie used his paraphernalia to keep his concubines in his psychological entrapment. Just being his self-obsessed self was not enough to keep them emotionally dependent on him, so he tried his hands at the ocults. Too bad he does not know what he’s gotten himself into.

  6. Ridiculous to believe this witchcraft nonsense works ..just like believing in god…they are both forms of witchcraft…if his witchcraft was any good, why did he not see the police coming to search his @##…..u have to laugh at this backwardness in our society….this backwardness have more negative implications in our society because those backwards individuals are stuck in a rut where their brain can’t think on a higher level… witchcraft and religious is one in the same.. it’s synonymous….both sides of the same coin. No wonder our society can’t move forward because people believe in nonsense.

    • @ Mr. Wizard we are the ones creating the negativity ourselves… in essence this is why OUR backwardness remains … dont think its coming from some big bang outta space……some of us are too much all talk and nothing behind it……we come we die….no matter how much talk we have come on be real this is one thing life has taught us we cant run away from…at least believe in that…come on!!!

    • What do you believe in?You truly believe that you were just happenstance.That there is no design behind you coming into being.If it is the case that you just happened to be, then you are the same as any other thing that just happened to be.You sound like an intelligent individual so think about why and how you are here now..I don’t believe in any organized religion or voodoo crap but after studying medicine and practicing for 16 yrs, human anatomy is too well designed to be random.I do believe that there is an intelligence that created us. We are all the same biologically, morally is a whole other matter.

      • i agree tb but i will add to say i believe in the highest power God….i also believe the unseen forces exist….with all we see around us there are forces that impact our living for good or evil….people the time is at hand what more do we want to see or hear?? our own intelligence is nothing….

    • @C-Wiz. Gassa you wasting your time trying to influence people that’s it’s all hocus-pocus. Their gardeh lives in a shack and he is on the margins of existence. You would think that would be a clue to stop throwing good money away. Every failed enterprise is viewed as someone did them harm. I could list at least 100 successful people who failed the first time around. My all time favorite is when a politician loses, his supporters claim it was obeah. One must have nerves of steel to hear this sort of garbage and not explode.

  7. Evil is rampant throughout the Caribbean, some go to Haiti to get their stuff, little do they know, they are Bewitched; when death comes they are doomed to the pit of hell. Let the fake Bible they read tell them about eternal damnation. Most if not all, don’t believe in an Almighty God, the creator of Heaven and Earth and all living beings. If you look for them, there are Wicked Spirits all around, invisible but be aware. A certain lady from Trinidad came here over a year ago, conducted an international witches convention. Since then, all hell broke loose, shootings and murder never before in history; the Spell on this poor Island with the attraction of evil will haunt this and future generations, unless the churches come alive and do what they are supposed to do, get people to read the scriptures and pray. Amen.

  8. There are alot of police officers in lodge groups like freemasons. Even if the bail was higher would it stop the people from practicing witchcraft? Offcource not. The officers that arrested them better have a strong faith in God cause that evil can turn on them.

  9. lol. boy I tell you it is real. but that’s nothing so many police officers going to monchy by the witch doctor up there. some of them self have forbidden books so I don’t see the point with them. they better pray and be covered because they don’t even know what coming to them for taking the people books. evil forces out there

  10. Evil is rumpant here- mate had those women spell bound! Why isn’t he charged with slavery sexual abuse- let his lawyers (probably dealing as well) prove the prosecution wrong! That’s why i pray each day for my children and bless them before they leave my house! Evil lurks especially in the public service, ministers of government, lawyers, judges, magistrates, pastors etc. Never be jealous of anyone, many deal with dirty money and even sacrifice their own relatives to get rich and gain sthing! I know what I know and God knows it too! To God be the Glory!

  11. St.Lucia have the Worst Judicial Shitstem in ths World .Making police look like papisho .There’s always Bail Conditions set F—–Y

  12. wow look at the evil things this guy has at his home and people dont want to believe in the most high? smh go and see the number of people head mate pray on doing them mal

  13. aa aa aa we believe in devilish acts more in the name of God…have mercy…no wonder things are like this…it begs to wonder how many other homes have these types of paraphernilia…..if we turn from wicked ways then God will heal our land…..$1000 bail???? ok then


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